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Photo of Munchkin Cat needed!

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Okay, this may be an odd request, but I need a picture of a munchkin cat. I am finishing my thesis on suffixes, and one of the suffixes is -kin, and a part of this article is about the word "munchkin". It would be nice to have a picture of the Munchkin breed of cat.

I do not want to just lift one off the internet, as this is an academic work wirth ten credit hours and everything must be properly cited or in free-domain. I can copy it out of photobucket, or posted here-- it need not be a work of art, just clearly showing the shortness of stature.

I will not be making any money off of this, and there will only be about 5 or 6 copies, though it will be publicly available. Your name need not be included. I would be glad to show you a copy of the article, if you'd like.

A photo of a toy munchkin dog would also be welcome, but I doubt anyone here has one.

Thank you soooooooooo much to anyone who can help!

(mods, I know this is borderline belonging in the lounge... but I really need this pic and more people will see it here, unless you really need to move it)
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Ok, I understand your concerns, but I'd like to point you to the "Quantum Encyclopedia" and their article:


There are links to outside catteries and such - if you have no luck here, it's possible that a regular cattery will allow you to use one of their photographs for your thesis - don't be afraid to ask - the worst they can say is no, and (in my not exactly limited experience) that doesn't happen much (Her Excellency Dr. Swanee Hunt had a copy of her new book *fed exed* to me - in Ireland - for my undergraduate thesis; I'd only asked for hints on where to find similar work to an article of hers that I'd read).
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Well, one of my concerns is that the images on the sites linked in Wikipedia are not public domain. For instance, the picture on this page is from Catoninetails Cattery: http://www.awesomecats.com/cat-breeds/Munchkin.html
but says nothing of the sort. So it's hard to track down who "owns" an image. If you go to the Catoninetails Cattery's website now, they breed Ocicats, which means these images have been floating around for who knows how long.

That was my first idea too though.

It is so cool that someone fedexed you a copy of their book. When I'm a prof I will be willing to do stuff like that too!

I do have a lead, though, to a cattery I never found with any searches, so I'm going to go to them next.

Thank you for the support though!
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No, I think you misunderstand - I was just using wikipedia to find other sites - I suppose you could google as well - anyway, I was suggesting you contact the breeders themselves and ask for permission to use a picture, they will probably say yes.

And yes, it was just incredible of Dr. Hunt, she was amazing, I can only imagine what it must be like to be her student.
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Why not email some of the breeders and ask them if you could use one of their pictures, and offer to give them credit?

I know there was a Munchin breeder on TCS, but I haven't seen him around lately. He used to be a Mod. I can't remember his name, though.
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