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Captain's still at the shelter...

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Poor Captain. I posted about him a month or so ago. He's been at the shelter for 6 months now, the longest of any resident cat there. He will be 2 years old in late August. He is a grey & white "socked" DSH with a white tip to his tail. He has an overbite & will need dental cleanings(one right after adoption, too). He is currently eating Science Diet Oral Care to help with his teeth.

Captain sticks out his tongue quite a bit(which, I must confess, is utterly adorable!). One of his pics is of him sticking his tongue out, but he really sticks it out further(he wasn't cooperating for a pic). He also drools quite a bit(he got compared to a St. Bernard in the drooling department!). Captain was one of our outside cats, so I have am particularly attached to him. He's my little "goober monkey". He is good with cats, dogs, & kids.

He likes to lay around. He also loves to play with some of the kittens. He is neutered, UTD on shots, & housetrained.

As the shelter is getting full & had to euthanize for the first time in 4 years because of overpopulation, I am getting paranoid. Provided Captain doesn't seem the least bit unhappy, he should be OK there. I am paranoid about his well-being. If they are unwilling to keep him there, I guess I can whine my way into letting mom & dad let me foster another one.

Here's his petfinder page.

I *hope* to be able to find someone to adopt him, a foster home, or a rescue to take him. I honestly don't want to send him to a rescue as I won't see him again, but if it is neccessary, then I guess so.
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Poor you and poor Captain.

Ireland seems so very far away today.
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If he was your cat why is he now at the shelter?
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I said it in the other thread and I'll say it again. I'd take him in a heartbeat if I was closer.
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He is a striking tuxedo kitty! I hope he finds a forever home, soon!
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What about a transport ... it's not that expensive to fly a cat and if we all pitch in the amount of ONE LATTE you could have the money in no time.

I'll contribute.
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Originally Posted by Murfins
If he was your cat why is he now at the shelter?
Ohhh...I bet you missed the whole story.

My parents live on a farm & have been letting the "barn cats" breed for 20 years. Last summer we had tons of kittens, again. I finally got it through their thick skulls that we need to fix the cats. Since I now volunteer at the shelter, they agreed to take some. I help out any way I can at the shelter & we are repaying them the cost of test, vaccs, & altering. We kept some of the cats that were hard to place & the ones that weren't very "tame"(they are all altered). You can see them in my siggy. It broke my heart to give them up, but they now all have a better life.

Because of Captain's teeth, he cannot go live on another farm. Most of the cats we surrendered did.
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Originally Posted by Murfins
What about a transport ... it's not that expensive to fly a cat and if we all pitch in the amount of ONE LATTE you could have the money in no time.

I'll contribute.
Maybe that could be an answer, esp. if Neekosan could take him in Yes, I know that we all have local shelters that also need our help, and no, we can't help all the other cats & people who need help, but this situation reminds me of the parable of The Boy and the Starfish:
A young boy and his grandfather were walking along a beach. An unusual high tide had come in the night before, and left many starfish stranded out of the water. The boy would stop & throw them one by one back into the water. Seeing his grandson rubbing his tired arm, the grandfather told the boy to not bother anymore - there were hundreds of starfish dying and it wouldn't make a difference to save just one. But the boy held up a single starfish in his hand & said, "No, Grandfather - it does make a difference - at least to this one" as he hurled it into the water.
So, maybe we cant save all the other cats, but if we TCSers could save Captain, that would be a start!
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I love it! Yes, lets all try to save this cat ... maybe we should start a new thread to get more attention to it? Is the member serious about taking Captain? The next step would be to find out his weight and then call about flight costs.

White Cat Lover - that is awesome that you convinced your parents to speuter all their barn cats and found homes for those adoptable! Thank you for filling me in on Captian's story.
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Yes, I'm serious about taking him.

There are a few things I have to confirm first, before I make a commitment to take him for sure, but I definitely want to, and will if at all possible.
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Okay so you confirm what you need to and then post when you are set and we can start a fundraiser for his flight money!!

Obviously you'll have to take care of the adoption contract/contacting the shelter and either yourself of WCL will have to book the flight (at least in my experience that's the best way to go) but then we will get the money for the flight.

White Cat Lover - can you find out Captain's weight? He'll also need an approved carrier.

Woohoo, this is great, I'm SO happy for this good looking boy!!
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Oh, he looks like a doll. I hope he finds a new home soon. For such a young age, he looks like an old soul, and deserves nothing more than the pampered life of a lazy lap cat. Sending tons of {{{{{ new home vibes}}}}} his way.
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Hes so precious!! I cant believe hes still there, bless his heart.
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Before we get going too far & now that I know you really want him...let me check with the shelter & make sure they are OK with flying him. Also, I am 2 hours & 3 hours away from the nearest airports, so they would have to find someone to transport him there. I would, but I would have to check with my parents first...

I will check with the shelter tonight to see if they are OK flying him & let you know. nekokaasan, when you have everything confirmed, let me know. Oh yes, thank you so much for being so willing to take my goober!

ETA:I just checked a map...& if you wanted to drive to get him it's only a 15 hour drive & 1075 miles!
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Well, I sure hope something can be worked out......I flew my dogs around the country years ago and it works out very well.........
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Ok, this sounds good - TCS members banding together to save a kitty - count me in.

If driving is a possiblity, do you think we might be able to avail of the legendary "Starlight Express"?
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There's no need to band together to save Captain anymore! He got adopted tonight!!!! I am still in shock myself. A couple came in wanting a pair of declawed cats. We don't have any pairs but the two still living with their families, & neither could come tonight, so we tried all the other decalwed ones together. Three of four didn't like each other, but the fourth seemed to like other cats. So....this couple asked for a cat of similar personality who had been at the shelter for a long time....which would be CAPTAIN!! I told them, "before you hold him...he will need dental cleanings, possilby yearly, at about $100-300 or more each time". They said OK. The moment he goobered on their shirts they were in love. So, they took home a declawed stray & my Captain. I gave them my e-mail address & asked them to keep in touch. As far as Captain having claws? I directed them to the Soft Paws website. I told them if he was scratching to contact the shelter & I would bring some of my own soft paws in Thursday night for them & put them on him. That way he would have some on until they could get their own.

When I told the person in charge of filling out the contract, she thought I was lying. She couldn't believe that anyone was really taking Captain home. I bawled my eyes out when he left, though. At least he got a good home, & I can come visit.

Sorry nekokaasan...but Captain's got a home now. I just got home, so I logged on to let you know right away!
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How grand that Captain got his own furever family!
I love it when things like this happen.
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Good luck Captain.

I hope you aren't too sad Nekokaasan
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I'm happy that Captain has a furever home now.

I'm sure that in the future, if I'm meant to rescue another cat, another one will come along.
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I love happy endings....
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YAYYYY! Thats such great news!! He has finally found a furever home.

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Wonderful news! YAY Captain!!!
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I just though I would let you all know....Captain's owners e-mailed the shelter to say that Captain is the type of cat only "cat people" can understand & they love him so much! The other boy they chose has a similar personality & apparently the two poop heads have been redecorating.
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YAY! Natalie thats so exciting!
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