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i picked one of the ones i took yesterday...and the "cord" where they cut, is sticking out alittle...It goes back in , but comes out, is this ok?? what should i do???????

I posted this somewhere else but only got one response, so I thought maybe I should make my own post instead of on someone elses..

The vets was closed, we picked them up right before they closed..and the other cats is ok...

Geez it just looks so gross like it hurts..
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I am not sure what you mean. What cord where they cut? On a male neutering you should hardly be able to see any incision that they made to do the neutering.
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yea you can see the little slit, and then the cord, which is like flesh tissue, hanging out of it...it looks like the tube they cut..i dont feel right just pushing it in though unless i know too
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There shouldn't be anything hanging out- especially not tissue.

Are the two tiny incisions glued shut? Or stitched?
Sometimes a piece of suture can poke out at you, but that is stiff and obviously part of the stitches.

If it still looks funny to you I would take him back by and have them look at it. It sounds as is the closure was done very sloppily, and if you do indeed have an open incision (especially in this area) then infection would be my worry.
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