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I'm a little peeved right now!

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And the more this shower planning goes on, the more peeved I get!

A few weeks ago I posted asking for advice on how to word the invitations to a shower for my friend who is moving to Japan in September, right after her sis gets married. Originally her mother had just kept telling her not to expect a shower because you know not everyone gets to have one. Well that didn't surprise me too much. And since her sister is about to get married, I didn't think she had the time.

So I asked if I could throw the shower. Well come to find out, her mother and sister DID want to give her a shower (a surprise one). But her sister called and thanked me for taking that off her shoulders and asked if she could help. I totally welcomed that! Her sister and I get along great.

So Thursday night her sister and I finally got together and were planning everything out. Then their mother keeps calling and just totally being unreasonable and plain ignorant!

So to appease her, we changed the shower date from Saturday, August 12 to Sunday August 13. The ONLY time in the month my friend was available for her shower. Then come to find out, my friend has been telling alllll these people that the shower is the 12th. So she calls them and tells them the date changed.

Then later this afternoon, with only 10 of 50 hand-made invitations left to go, I get a call from my friend...her mother had just remembered that she WONT EVEN BE IN TOWN TAHT WEEKEND IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Then a little later I get the request, can we change it back to Saturday because a lot of people she talked to have already taken Saturday off for it and can't make it on Sunday. By then, all 50 invitations are done, just not addressed.

It's bad enough the list grew so large that I'm having it at my parent's house instead of mine! Now what!?! Her mother is listed as the first hostess. It has the wrong date. AAHHHHHH!

So I guess I get to re-do the invitations. I don't want to write the new date on them because they are so cute as is! And I don't want to add a slip of paper saying we changed the date either. Oy! What did I get myself into!?!
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White-Out tape is a wonderful little thing
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Argh that sounds so frustrating! And to think her mom's going to take credit for organizing it!!
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You know, when people look around and say what a great party this is, say thanks I DID have some help though!
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