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I think this is it!!!

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i think Kitty may be having contractions. i was watching her and her back twitched like really big and then a few min later her back twitched again not so big. this may be it... could be a false alarm though. send good vibes that this is it and that everything goes well!!!!
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Heres to labor vibes!!!!! cant wait to here!!!!!
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She's definitely close! Does she act like she wants you to be there, or she would rather be left to go at it alone?
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No fair!!
I am still waiting!!

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Well, she's got us really confused. she is doing nothing but growling. her meow sounds different. almost like she is growling at the same time. she isnt really having "defined" contractions but she is licking her butt alot. she is fallowing me from room to room but i was checking for discharge and she got mad at me and she's in the basement now. i'm ganna go get her in a minute. i think this may be like the "pre-labor" thing. i wasnt there when she went into labor for her first litter so i dont know what to look for with her in particular. so i'm still not sure yet. did any of your cats act like this before labor? ughh she is so confusing!!! i'll update when i know something.

Tell spot to hurry up!!! we're supposed to be kitten buddies!!!
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Hey thats not fair... I was supposed to be having mine with you guys... That's cool though. Can't wait to hear all the details!!!!
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lol, missy your babies are on the way don't worry, lol
My cat did the twitch thing early this am. I didn't think anything of it and she remained quiet all day until about 5:00 so that is almost 9 hours of silent labor. Don't take it lightly she may be VERY VERY close and my baby lost her plug and had the babies today all at once!
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i put my dog outside for the night as much as i hate to do that and i put the kittens in the basement (they are having a blast playing with all the crap down there) and she hasn't been growling at all. she actually started playing with a string! she never plays with anything! lol. her back is twitching a little. i'm trying to keep an eye on her but she keeps moving into a different room. i;m not sure if this is labor or not becuase the only thing that makes me think she is in labor is her back twitching a little and she has been licking her butt like every 10 or 15 minutes. could she be in silent labor if that is all she is doing or is this just normal. AHHH I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!!

Missy'smomma- there may still be a chance! you wanna be a kitten buddy with me and mowsluver? we can all 3 make our cats have them now. i wish.
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I wish we could just snap our fingers and tell them to do it That would make things a whole lot simpler. Yeah well my girl just hids under the bed these days.... I'm thinking shes gonna have them under there and Im gonna have to tear apart my bed to get to them...Its sooo hot here and I have 1 small AC unit in my bedroom window... I dont have the heart to coop her up in the bathroom like I want to...she would roast
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I need help!!!! I posted on my thread but no one is answering My baby, I thought she was finished after the fifth when I didn't see any more contractions or ANYTHING, her breathing was still labored but hey I figured I just physched myself into a sixth. Now it is almost MIDNIGHT CNT and she is still breathing labored and NOW she is panting. She wasn't even panting when she went in labor and had the five. SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THIS MEANS!! If she is having another kitten is it okay for it to even be this long in between??? OOOH GRACIOUS This is tOO MUCH. That and I have kittens already trying to escape the box!
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how long has it been since she had her last kitten? is she straining? if you think she is straining and you think there is another in there then i would take her to an emergency vet or take her to a vet ASAP in the morning. sometimes they wait an hour or so in between kittens. i hope she is ok. i'm sending good {{{{{vibes}}}} for her.
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Thanks. She doesnt look like she is straining, in fact, she doesn't even look like she is pusing, or contracting, just panting every now and then, not flat out panting, just every now and again she give a pant. I actually saw a tear coming from my poor baby's eye and that just hear my heart! But she looks like she is just still in labor. Thanks for the vibes and I can use all the prayer I could get right now b/c I am so so tired but I don't want to go to sleep until I KNOW she's alright!
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I am sending vibes to you and your baby! I hope everything turns out ok! I will keep you and your baby in my prayers tonight
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sounds like she is thirsty. when is the last time she got a drink of water? my cats pant when they are thirsty.
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Okay so MaxSheba is fine thank you for the support Jessie, but any update on your baby?? Is today the day?
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How is your baby doing? Anything yet? Nothing on this end....
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Nothing yet. she is still licking her butt alot. so false alarm i guess. she is also still twitching a little... so, soon. lol
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Anything happening yet?? I am still waiting too Guess we both had false alarms! Hopefully in the next few day though. Missy looks bigger everytime I look at her.
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hey! I was just checking to see has there been any movement or sign of hope today. Keep us posted.
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I guess our 3 cats have us all on edge, right ladies? I may have to go away for tonight for a family problem...I am not happy about it so now I am hoping she will wait!
I will close her in the empty bedroom but I still don't feel good about it....

Let's keep our finger crossed!
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Aww! I know that must break your heart! There aren't any dressers with sharp edges or any thing is it. b/c My baby has taken a liking to the stupid dresser and now I have to close off all rooms in the house...Well, that is until I get her set up in the bathroom. Unfortunately my bathroom isn't that big so I have to figure that one out, but I'm sure that it will all work out for you.
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good luck and im sending out good vibes 2 u all w8ing sounds like ur pretty close though
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nothing on my end yet. its around 345pm here and i just woke up though. she is hiding in the basement again so i have to go look for her now. Kitty gave me a scare last night though. my little sister forgot to shut her window again and Kitty got on the roof.

I guess our 3 cats have us all on edge, right ladies?
yeah they do apparently. i think they are all laughing at us like "watch... i'll make my back twitch and meowmy will go crazy hahaha!"

keep me updated guys!
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That's it exactly! Mine just looks at me and seems to almost smile....
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Originally Posted by mowsluver
That's it exactly! Mine just looks at me and seems to almost smile....
that is too funny!! they cant hold it forever though.....
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Missy gets rounder every time I check on her. I can only describe it like this.....she looks like those pygmy goats at the petting farm at the zoo Poor thing, And the funny thing is that when I go in to check on her she is usually in her box laying down and I think maybe, but no she's just laying there
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aww...I've been working lots and was hoping to see that some kitties have been born Oh well, but as you said, they CANT hold them forever lol
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nothing here yet. she has been trying to "dig" her way into the closet where she maved her las litter to so maybe that is a sign. we wont let her be in a closet this time because the closets get REALLY hot. her back is still twitching but nothing yet.tomarrow seh will be 2 weeks overdue according to my dates. i could be wrong though. her next due date is July 25 but i'm going to visit my sister then so i dont know what i am going to do. i really wish she would just have them... please, please, please send vibes so that Kitty has her babies soon...
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