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How many animals do you have?

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I have 3 cats, Sadie, schidders and Tiger.
I have 3 dogs Chloe, Cash we call him Boy lol and Abby. Abby died last year
I have 2 fish one is an oscar about 10 inches long and a pocasomus the is about 7 inches long.
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2 cats, Birdie, Charlie or socks.
1 dog, max!!!
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Just four kitties for now.
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Oh god, we've got a zoo over here!

3 cats
1 conure
1 cockatiel
1 ferret
1 rat
10 dwarf hamsters (2 different species)
21 guinea pigs! (wheeeet wheeeeet!)
1 rabbit
5 salt water hermit crabs
1 10 gallon salt water tank
1 prawn
and about 10 assorted size (from 1 to 20 gallons) fresh water tanks (can't remember all of them as fiancé normally cares for them)

I think that's everyone, though I feel like i'm forgetting someone . . .

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Wow that's a few! I must have the least, I have only 2 cats, 1 male, one female, but the female lives with my parents as the male is her son, and they don't get on terribly well!

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I am:
Slave to Callie
and then we have
Soup, the bloodhound, who is allergic to everything that grows outside and all starchy food. She's a bubble dawg.

Last, but not least , we have Yanti, a white headed Pionius Parrot. She is 17 years old and rules her roost.

Oh, I almost forgot Hanibal! He is a blue betta and lives in the dining room, of course...he loves food!
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6 cats
1 dog
1 Hahn's macaw
1 Quaker parakeet
1 Chilean Rose tarantula
15 assorted tiny fish
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I have 2 adult cats---Blaze who is an Orange Marble spayed female,Neela who is a Maine Coon spayed female
1 kitten----Corwin a 8 week old black male (too young to be neutered)
1 pup--- a 6 month old male Akita mix pup
fostering for:
and now 6 -- 3 1/2 to 4 week old orphaned kittens 4 females and 2 males

do skin kids count too?
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I have-
5 or more cats at any given time.. (Blue, Kiara, Astro, Sasha and Bling(the stray) )
2 guinea pigs, Zephyr and Calibre
1 hamster, KC
2 mice, Pixie and Rhondo
1 betta, Secret
70 or more sheep...

Annnnd *drum roll please* I'm getting a puppy in a few weeks!!!! Cash!
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I have one cat, but plan to make it two within the next several months.
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I have one.

There's a spider living in the hallway, does that count?

Might get some fishies soon. And possibly, possibly a foster or two cats in the future.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
I have one.

There's a spider living in the hallway, does that count?

Might get some fishies soon. And possibly, possibly a foster or two cats in the future.

Hehe....if I had to count all the spiders, I'd be considered an insect hoarder. It's like they're building an army in an attempt to take over the house this summer.
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6 of my own cats
1 stray who is temporarily living here until a home is found
1 dog who lives with my mom in the next town over
7 goldfish
7 rats
1 ball python
our tarantula just died but we will soon be getting a new one

my next pet is a firebelly toad
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We have 6 cats, Tabby, Suki, Layla, J.R., Boots, and a new one who is yet to be named (I'll be posting about him soon enough. He's just a meer 9 weeks as of today). Also, we have 2 dogs, Lady, and her daughter Roxy.
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1 dog
2 cats
2 yard monkies (my furless chillern)
And A Grease monkey (my DH )
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1 dog and 1 cat, and a yard full of pesty chipmunks
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At the moment I have 1 adult cat who lives w/ me Tweek...and my two new kitten arrivals who haven't been named yet and my old mixed hound dog Red.

I also have another cat who lives with my mom ,Shenadoah. My oldest daughter has a hampster that lives w/ my mom her name is Sandy. And also my mom and I share custody of a poor pekingnese we found on the side of the road, that was a horror story, she is Princess. You may be wandering why some of my animals live with my mom. Its simple, if anyone loves animals more than me it is her. And now that she lives alone they are her best friends.
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Not enough!!
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I have one cat and one dog which is a German Shepherd. I also have three fish in the basement tank.
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1 dog - Jello
11 cats - Joji, Skinny, QT, Wawa
Ashley and Buddy - Outdoor strays
Ichi, Ni, San, Yon, Go - Rescued orphan kittens
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1 cat
1 Guinea Pig
3 Corydora catfish
3 water snails
22 bettas
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2 cats
1 turtle
1 goldfish
8 tropical fish in our big 55 gallon aqarium that we are currently in the process of filling up with all kinds of exotic fishies!
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Four cats - Lucy, Sassy, Stinky, and Clover.
Two dogs - Maggie and Dutchess.
Two hamsters - Carmie (Caramel), and Snowy.
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4 wonderful dogs and 2 wonderful cats.
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I have four cats, Twig, Rocket, Isis, and Luna
and 5 fish tanks: 2 salt water one has a mantis shrimp and a damsel in it, one has a wrasse, a shrimp and another fish that I'm not sure of in it. The fresh water are a 260 gln with a true gorumai (I know that's spelled wrong) plecos, catfish and smaller various fish. the 120 has an Oscar, a pleco, nosey bees, a synodonis catfish, a blue eyed fish that I can't remember the name of and a black and yellow one too. the 20 gln has neons a flying fox and 2 dwarf plecos in it. Needless to say the cats have endless "television" if they wanted to watch it but they really don't bother with it, it's more for DH.
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Two months ago, my answer would have been ZERO.

Now I have 1 adult cat Ruby and 6 kittens!
In a few weeks we will be down to 3, though.
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4 cats, Trixie, Petals, Tiggy and Bailey.

1 husband

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I have: Molly(gold retreiver) Jimmie(boxer) Amy(pit bull)
Then I have: Sherman,Chloe,Abby,Lilly,Callie,and Freddie and Lucky. (oh those are my cats!)
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Nacho, Orion, Poptart, Gordito, those are my four cats, plus the foster babies Cappuccino, Macchiato, and Latte.

And Apollo is my dog (bouvier des flandres mix)
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Well, my 7 cats and 2 dogs own one human!
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