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New game!!!!!

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what happen to the other games??? I guss I have to make one up!! what is your favorite cat breed and why you like that breed.

I like the bengal. I love its coat.
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Hello? where is everyone?
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My favorite bree of cat is the schidders sadie and tigger breed lol
those are my cats they are mixed
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Mine is the tabby. Those tiger stripes are sweet.
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My first choice is Hymalayen. (forgive my spelling) They are sooooo beautiful. I had a gorgeous baby for a long time, but, found her new home because I had to move. I love silver tabby's, oh and Kaity-kat is a snow-shoe siamese, she is gorgeous, and at the moment I really love the white long haired kitty's. (Tweek) You asked a hard question lol. I love all kitties.
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Birmans!!! I love everything about them - looks, personality, everything! I fell in love with the breed about four or five years ago, and the more I read, the more I knew that if there was a breed that would be the "perfect cat" for me, it was them. And so a year ago, I finally had the place and the money for one of my own, and I ended up with two!
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I am a very big fan of the Russian Blue, however if its got fur, a tail, meows and chirps, head-butts and has whiskers, I love it!
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I really like bengals, tabbies, Scottish folds... heck, I like all types of cats!
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I've always loved Tonkinese. Such beautiful, intelligent cats! I've never owned one though, I always end up with strays...

If I had a Tonkinese cat and a Weimaraner dog, I would be in animal heaven!
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No favorites so that makes a moggie(non-pedigree cat) lover!
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I love all cats but if I had to pick....
Cornish Rex. Smart, quick and totally a lap kitty. A heat seaking missle that always wants to sleep snuggle right next to me. Plus I just love the look of them. Reminds me of the ancient egyptian cats.

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