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Cat sick, ER Vet not much help

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A few days ago my cat, Mr. Ruffles, coughed up a couple of hair balls. The next day he was lethargic, sleeping a lot, but I didn't really think about that until yesterday when I got home from work. There were several spots on the floor that looked like he'd thrown up, but it was just damp...no hair or vomit. He got sick like that two more times, throwing up a very foul smelling brown liquid. So we packed him up and took him to the ER vet. They did X-Rays and said they couldn't find anything conclusive. Maybe it's a hairball, maybe he's constipated. They said they were going to treat him medically and see how it went. After we got home, he got sick several more times before he was able to sleep....and then today he got sick again. He won't touch his food, with or without the laxative mixed in. No interest at all in eating or drinking. We changed the litter box upon arriving home last night, and he hasn't used that either. He's still lethargic...he moves only to follow my husband and I from place to place...the he goes back to sleep.

He's only two, and still very active, so this behaviour is VERY odd. We are going to take him to our regular vet tomorrow...but I was just hoping that someone out there had some advice or insight into what might be wrong with him.

Thanks in advance!
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I have no idea what that could be and am frankly a bit miffed that your ER vet just released him and let you take him home with him throwing up, not eating, not using his litter box, and the lethargy... Poor little guy. I do however send my best wishes that he feels better soon and that your regular vet can help.
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I'm so sorry - can you get access to Hill's Science A/D? That's what my vets give kitties who aren't feeling well and aren't feeling like eating - all of mine think it's the best thing since live mice.

Other than keeping him comfortable and food and water available, I wouldn't try anything else. However, if you really can't get him to eat, I wouldn't wait, I would take him to a second ER vet, as not eating can quickly lead to liver failure in cats.

Good luck - sending get well vibes.
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Zissou got sick like that once, I took her to the ER vet, and basically said the same thing. Sometimes cats just get sick, you know? If she's not better very soon I would certainly take her back, but if the vet examined her thoroughly and found no reason to freak out, then there's probably no reason to freak out.

I syringe-fed her water, plus she got sub-q fluids. You can try getting him to eat by warming the wet food a little, or some stage 1 baby food (meat kind) NO onions or garlic), or really most anything he'll eat, at this point the concern is not a super, healthy, balanced diet as much as it is getting him to eat.

Get well Mr Ruffles!!!
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