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Oh Amy what a relief for you! I am so sorry you had such a hard time but good things come to those who wait, as they say, and now it certainly is your turn for the good things! What an exciting time ahead! new job, wedding! I would enjoy my last few days off if I were you!
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Amy, congratulations on the job. I sounds like you are over the moon about it!
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That is wonderful news!! Congrats to you!! One door always opens when one closes!! I am sure you will love your new job!!
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Thanks everyone! 7 days to go and I am so excited!

Originally Posted by squirtle
Starting a new job, you aren't going to have any trouble taking off for the honeymoon, right?
I was up-front with my new job about the upcoming wedding. Before the job, Bradley and I had decided to go away for just a couple of days (to Charleston) immediately after the waiting and wait a couple of months to take our big honeymoon. When we get married, it's during the big money-making time of boat season (when Bradley brings in the most $$), so we can't afford to miss that time working. This way, we can recover financially from the wedding and afford a nice honeymoon a little while later .
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Glad they were good with the wedding plans! Makes life a lottle less stressful!
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Amy, how wonderful for you! It's always a great feeling to have something secure...it makes the future seem that much brighter, doesn't it?

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