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Got a job- THE job

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Hi everyone! I've missed y'all!
So I know I've been MIA. Been crazy busy job hunting and wedding planning (6 weeks to go!).
I was also in a depression over losing my job and the difficulties that ensued. Thankfully, that all has changed. This past Monday, I was offered the job of my dreams! Starting July 31st, I am the new Judicial Case Manager for State Court, Criminal Division. I could not be more excited! I'll get to work in the courthouse full-time and, what's even better, is that the position is with the county. It'll be darn near impossible for them to get rid of me. I am so excited to truly be starting a CAREER somewhere! People that work in our county system stay there for life and that's what I've really been after. The benefits don't hurt either .
I wanted to thank everyone for all of the prayers and vibes that've been sent my way throughout this ordeal. Took some time, but it all worked out for the best!
On another note, the kitties are doing well. Eppie is overcoming a UTI, but other than that all is sweet in our home!
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congrats! I lived just outside of Savannah while I was going to college (at GSU) and I can vouch that the job you landed is pretty fabulous. Such a wonderful area. My mom has worked in the court system in northern GA my entire life. I think you're going to love it.
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That is great news, Congradulations!
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Hey was wondering how you were!

I'm so glad to hear everything has turned up for you and you've got your job!
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What great news, Amy! Congrats!
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That's excellent news Amy!!

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Congrats! I was wondering how your job search was going (after reading your other thread).
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conrats on the new job and everything else
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I'm so happy for you, congrats on the new job!
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Hey, Amy! We've missed you and the girls! Congrats on your new job! It sounds like an awesome opportunity for you!
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Hi Amy! So nice to see you back!

I'm so incredibly happy that you got THE job!

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WOW! Bravo!
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Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it and I've REALLY missed all of you!!!
Emily, my fiancè is a GSU alum as well
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Amy, I am so happy you found yourself the job of your dreams! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Speaking of which, is Bradley at the same job?

Now I have to yell! Don't you dare stay aware again because you were depressed. We would have cheered you right back up and given you the pep talks you needed!
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Congratulations, that is awesome! I am very happy for you
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Congrats on the job!!

Is this job very different from the last one, or is sort of the same so you don't have too much new sstuff to learn?
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Yay! Congratulations! I was thinking of you the other day, hoping everything had come together!
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See good things come to those who wait!!!!!
I was wondering what was going on with you.
How are the fish doing???
Congrats again as I'm happy for you.
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Thanks everyone!
To answer your question Karen- yup, Bradley is still captaining an offshore fishing boat and is doing QUITE well. In fact, he has run more trips so far this year than any other captain on Tybee Island, which is a great accomplishment for his first full season as a captain . That's the only way I've afforded to be unemployed for over 3 months!
White cat lover- my previous work experience was in social work, but I spent so much time at the courthouse with clients that I am very familiar with the job duties. Also, my bachelor's is in criminal justice and I'm working on a masters in Public Administration, which both aid in the job.
Gail- unfortunately, our second seahorse, Smarty Jones, died about a month ago . I just cried and cried and cried. However, we have some new additions- a psychadelic goby (he's gorgeous!) named Hippie and an unnamed shrimp goby. I'll try posting some pictures soon!
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I'm so glad to hear that things are going better!
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That's wonderful news Amy! Congratulations!
Everything is going your way now!
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oh, I'm sorry to hear about your little seahorse.

But congratulations on the job! I'm glad things are looking up for you!
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on getting your dream job, Amy! That's terrific news. I've been wondering where you disappeared to. And just six weeks till the wedding?
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Congratulations! You have been through a lot lately, it's about time you get what you want!!!
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congrats Amy!! It's wonderful to hear that things are going so wonderfully for you! You deserve for good things to happen for you! Way to go!
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Congratulations Amy!!! I'm so glad it all worked out for the best in the end.

Good luck with your upcoming wedding!
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!!
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Congratulations, Amy! I am so excited for you
You and Bradley are going to be off to a great start as a married couple

Starting a new job, you aren't going to have any trouble taking off for the honeymoon, right?
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