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Something in fur????

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My cat has been having dried black specs in his fur from his tail to about the middle of his back. It looks like flea dirt, but there are no fleas, and he hasnt had any fleas since he was a kitten. I put him in the bath tub (thinking fleas were a possibility) and when the water hits it, the black specs turn into red specs. I took him to the vet and they told me it was flea dirt, to bath him and gave me advantage to put on him. But the "specs" come back. I dont know if it could be a skin problem or..?? Do you have any suggestions?
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If the black specks turn into red specks when they are hydrated, then my guess is they are dried blood of some sort - and that usually means fleas. However, it could be something else...Does he go outside? Could he have maybe killed something and rolled in it? (My white, semi-socialized, indoor/outdoor boy kitty does this from time to time. *sigh* Wot's a meowmmy to do wif deeze naughty kitties but toss em in the bathtub and hose dem stinkys down, hrmmmmm???)

There are also several microscopic mites that can live in cat fur and feed on blood. They can irritate the beejeezus out of a cat. But you would normally see other tell-tale symptoms like excessive scratching and licking, just as you would if fleas were present.

Advantage, if a bit pricey, did work very well on my indoor/outdoor boy kitty. FrontLine is another product that some have had success using.

My best to you,

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My Kitty only goes outside for a few mins a day he's more an indoor kitty, and he gets tied because we live on a busy street. So he doesnt get a chance to kill anything. And Lately there has been alot of snow, so he hasnt been out much.

I dont see anything out of the ordinary. He doesnt scratch any more than he always has, now lick anymore. Also, it doesnt seem to bother him...but make me curious as to where he is getting there pesky bits.

Yes, Advantage is quite pricey! $45 for the treatment. I bathed him the other day, and put the advantage on him, so I guess if it comes back..off to the vet I go again!

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