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Kitten question

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Kirra is roughly 10 1/2 weeks old and she seems to sleep ALOT. I mean she gets up to play, like when my husband was getting ready for work at 5am she was nurotic and bouncing around the house for about 2 hours, than down she went, and she will usually sleep off and on till the evening. I try and get her up to play but she may only for 30 mins or so. I know they are like babies and sleep alot, but how much is to much? Is it possible its just cause she is healing from the surgery on tuesday? Or is it her age?
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I wouldn't be surprised if she's healing from surgery.

Is she eating well? Drinking? Is she social? Have you noticed temperament/mood changes? Does the surgery site look OK? If those things are OK, she's probably fine--just recouperating.
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My husband used to work for the humane society, so I had him look at her incision last night, because she is jumping around so much, he said it looked great actually (he inspected alot of these when he worked there) she is eating like a pig and no changes in her mood, still nurotic, just sleeps alot.
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