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Cat urinating on roommate's stuff. Help!

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I have had my two cats for 3 years and never had urinating problems until about 2 months ago (I moved into my new place with new roommates 3.5 months ago). My roommates are animal lovers and get along with the cats. I took one of my cats to the vet and she has no physical problems that would make her urinate outisde the box (she was the one who I originally suspected, but now we think it's the neutered male.) Anyway, my stuff has been urinated on a few times, but it has been primarly my male roommate who has suffered the urinating. The cats really like him (more than any other roommate I've had), so it's a bit confusing. My other roommate, a female, is not as good with cats and has never had her stuff urinated on.

Also, I did change cat litters and got a litter box with a hood a while back. When the urinating began, I took the hood off and went back to the original litter. However, the original litter (Feline Pine) scatters like crazy and just makes the apartment a mess. It was great, though, as far as there never being any urine odor (the pine pellats turn to nice-smelling saw dust when they pee.)

So, I tried another litter (the Wheat stuff) and the urinating started again. I'm not sure the litters are connected, as my roommate also wasn't leaving his stuff on the floor for a while to be peed on. Anyway, I am trying, yet another litter (wasn't happy with the wheat litter: the pee litter didn't seperate well from the regular litter). This is all the info. I think someone would need to help me solve this issue. Oh, and, I have seen both cats use the little box to urinate and deficate. It is changed every other day.

Thanks so much!!!!!

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I would defiantely tried the original litter again - cats can have favs just like us.

Also try a feliway plugin, and make sure you or roommate clean the sites of illegal peeing with cleaner for pet pee, because the will often go back to those sites.
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If you have ruled out the female then it's time to take the male to the vet to be checked too. The new move could possibly have put enough stress on him to cause a medical problem.

For some cats littter changes, (just like food), should be done gradually or they could refuse to use it.

If you rule out medical problems, you could try some cat attract litter to see if that helps.

I tried it once just to see if the cats were attracted to it and it did seem to get used more, but I didn't think it controls odor well at all. So maybe mixing it will a different litter would work.

Good lluck to you with this.
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