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Food bowl question

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I just read where someone said plastic food bowls are not good to use. I might have read it wrong but is that true? Thats what I am using now! Should I change?
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Yes - they can't be cleaned out as well and many cats wind up with feline acne from eating out of plastic bowls. Ceramic or stainless steel bowls are much better.

I'd only use plastic in an emergency. Even the throw away styrofoam plates/bowls would be better then plastic.
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I just switched to stainless steel due to concern about feline acne. It is little bumps on the kitties chin. One cat had scratched at her boo-boos and needed surgery to correct the wounds on her chin!!!

So out with the plastic. On to stainless steel. I'm still going to run them through the dishwasher to sanitize them. But I just don't trust the plastic anymore. I'll miss that automatic feeder, though!

I feed kittens off paper plates. They like a flat dish, and it is just so much easier!
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I know some animals don't like steel bowls. I've noticed it more with their water than their food. I tend to agree, if you have ever used a thermal cup that has a steel liner, the water tastes different than it does from a glass. Ceramic bowls are good but make sure they are completely glazed and do not have the rough unfinished surface as that can absorb bacteria. If you cat doesn't mind the steel bowls, then they are just fine too. Try not to use plastic bowls and if you do, make sure you run them through the dishwasher or soak them in boiling water from time to time. If you raw feed at all, NEVER use plastic or any other porous material.
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