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Cedar has a UTI

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Cedar has been going to the litter box alot these days but to be honest I didnt think much of it for the first few days. Today I counted 10 times in a 1 hour period and called the vet straight away. I couldnt be certain whether he had urinated at all since he is an indoor/outdoor cat but every time he went to the litter box he strained but nothing came out.

Of course I was worried he had a blocked bladder (or whatever you call it) and the vet staff were on standby expecting this to be the case after my phonecall. Thankfully his bladder was empty and a UTI was diagnosed.

The vet gave him 2 injections (10ml clavulox & 20ml Rimadyl) and then sent me home with 10 days of tablets (Clavulox tabs)

His temperature was at a soaring 39.9 C (although I assume this is normal for an infection???)

The vet wanted to keep him overnight but I refused because he is such a scared timid cat that I didnt want all my hardwork of making him feel safe and calm go out the window and I couldnt imagine him spending the night in a cage all alone. So home he came. Although he has asked me to get a urine sample

The vet has requested that Cedars weight loss diet cease for the time being until this UTI clears up.

I know UTI's are common but I have never been through anything like this before. How do they pick up these infections? I assume since my boys are indoor/outdoor cats that they are more susceptible to these things. Is that right?

Anyway, I really wanted to post this as its been an awful day here. Cedar really does not cope well with going to the vets and he has been withdrawn all day since we have been home

please get better soon darling boy - mummy loves you
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It is so difficult to see our babies in discomfort, isn't it? For now, of course just keep to the medication schedule your vet prescribed and in order to restore the good flora to the gut while on those antibiotics, maybe you can give Cedar a little treat of some yogurt containing live active cultures.

Additionally, it is very important that he keep well hydrated. It can be difficult to get a cat to drink more water, but I have found that a watering fountain can be extremely interesting. Also, increase the amount of wet food you are feeding to help the hydration level as well.

Poor little Cedar. But I know with your loving care, he will be feeling better in no time!


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Poor Cedar

I'm sure he'll start feeling better once the meds kick in
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Poor Cedie! At least he doesn't have blockage. I really don't know what causes UTI I don't know what causes in in humans now that you mention it. I don't blame you for taking Cedar home. Are you going to take him back to the vets for another urine sample in another couple of days? I hope he feels better soon!
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Hope he feels better soon, the yoghurt is a good idea and I don't know if he would drink it but a little cranberry juice in his water couldn't hurt. this is quite interesting
scroll down to Urinary disorder
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Aww, poor Cedar! Definitely encourage drinking, if need be by adding unsalted chicken or beef broth to his water. As far as cranberries are concerned, we have them in our front yard, and the neighborhood cats eat them right off the bushes (when the birds don't beat them to it), so it's worth a try. , Cedar!
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Bless his little cotton socks I'm pleased you took him home Dan because you have worked hard in getting him where he is now

Sending ((((((healthy vibes)))))) Cedars way
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Originally Posted by Anakat
Hope he feels better soon, the yoghurt is a good idea and I don't know if he would drink it but a little cranberry juice in his water couldn't hurt. this is quite interesting
scroll down to Urinary disorder
I have no idea what is available in the UK but most "off the shelf" cranberry juices in the USA are full of sugar, which is the last thing a cat (or a human) with an infection needs, as the bad bacteria thrive on a sugar diet. Cranberry concentrate capsules can be very helpful, and are available at any health food store, as in unsweetened cranberry juice- you've gotta read those labels. The cranberry discourages the bacteria from adhering to the walls of the bladder so that they are flushed out with urine much more efficiently.

I would give probiotics only after the course of antibiotics had finished. Until then you are just wasting product IMO as the antibiotic destroys the probiotic as soon as they run into each other.
If you use yogurt, again read the labels and don't get that awful sugar laden supermarket type. Health food stores sell a wonderful organic goats milk yogurt that cats tolerate really well.
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Poor Cedar. He couldn't be in better hands though and I hope he's feeling much better real soon.
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Poor little Cedar baby. Your Mum is taking such wonderful care of your, please feel better soon, little boy!

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Danielle...your are a good kitty Mommy and raced Cedar in for treatment as soon as you noticed a problem.

Cedar will be in my prayers for a simple, quick recovery.
I know that you are worried so I am sending lots of calming vibes to you too.
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Awww, poor Cedar! I understand your not wanting to leave him at the vet's, given how hard you've worked to help him feel safe. I hope he's feeling lots better very soon. Scritches and }}}}GET WELL{{{{ vibes for the boy, and and }}}}CALMING{{{{ vibes for the Mum.
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Poor Cedar I hope he is feeling better real soon. Abby sends her love, as she is also terrified of the vet and doesn't react well. She feels Cedar's stress across the ocean.

I knew MA had posted once about how to get a urine sample, and I found it in this thread:
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Poor fellow. One trick I use for increased water consumption is to simply water up (or use plain chicken or beef broth) their wet food, make it a bit soupy.

I agree, no point in the live culture yoghurt until the antibiotics are through (imo).

Hope he feels better soon!
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Thankyou everyone for your support and advise at this time. As I have said before, I know UTI's are common but since I have never been through anything like this it kinda freaked me out.

Yesterday was the first day of Cedar's confinement indoors and medication and he did not like being indoors all day at all. He took the medication like a champ (I wrapped it in some chicken and it went straight down - you see I dont think Cedar actually chews the chicken )

He 'used' the litter tray constantly yesterday but didnt pass anything. I wake up this morning to see that its been used. sigh. I am not going to stress about the urine sample at the moment unless he doesnt get better (thanks for the link Karen - thats a great help !)

Both my boys are on dry food only as this is what the vet recommended a year a go or so. We can only get wet food here from the supermarket and of course Cedar's diet food is dry only.
Gaye is helping me with my food choice with what is avaliable here (thankyou!)

Cedar is still happy so thats the main thing. Its only 6.35am and he wants outdoors already - its gonna be a long day!

Thanks again everyone
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Aw, I'm just now seeing this...poor Cedar! I hope he feels well soon!

for Cedar!
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More hugs for Cedar & some for you too Dan. (((hugs hugs hugs)))
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Originally Posted by huggles
Cedar is still happy so thats the main thing. Its only 6.35am and he wants outdoors already - its gonna be a long day!

Thanks again everyone
Thanks God he's happy! I don't envy you having to keep him in, though -- I know what it's like trying to confine a kitty who wants OOOOUT NEOOOOOOW!

Hugs to you both!
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Send lots of get well soon vibes for Cedar and hugs to both of you.
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Get well soon Cedar... I had never dealt with a uti till a few months ago with Kandie .. No fun...
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