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Do you HATE being sick? rant

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I am so mad, I've had a cough, sinus, sore throat, maybe a fever for two days, and I know exactly where I got it. A friend at work was ill, and finally went to the doctor after she was half dead and was diagnosed with bronchitis. I spent time in her cubicle, was at her house for grandson's birthday party, I should have been more careful about washing my hands after I spoke to her. Now I have to ride this out. I won't get as bad as she because I try to nip it in the bud with vitamin C and gargling, but I just hate this feeling. I should be grateful that I don't have something more serious. whew, I feel better now.
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Yuck, I HATE being sick with a sore throat and sinus problems, especially during the hot weather. I hope you feel better soon
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I hate being sick to. I usually get one bad cold a year. At least I havent had the flu for 11 years now. Knock on wood
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I dont know weather i am sick or because the air is so stuffy!
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I woke up feeling terrible this morning, and oddly felt even worse after eating. Between that and coughing my lungs out, I've not gotten much done today.
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I did not sleep one second last night from the coughing, my glands are swollen and my throat is sore. I know I should see the doc, but I found some aantibiotics from May when I had something similar, but quickly left after I got the rx filled. I am going to take them now. amoxicillan, I know, I know, but I don't want to go back to the doc, make the appointment and all that crap. This is the samething I had before, it will work. It is definitely a sinus infection, no need to tell you how I know that.
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i hate the flu.... but i kind of like having a fever....
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Right now colds/flus must be going around! Everyone I know is sick! I hate being sick in the summer but I don't remember the last time me or the kids were sick in the winter!
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well it is 6 days after my first post and I am still sick. Had to leave the cirque de soleil early last night because all I could do was cough. called the doctor and got different antibiotics and some cough syrup that doesn';t work. I am fed up. Last night no sleep again. TGIF it has been a rough week.
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