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My youngest rescue, Go, is one and a half month old. She is normal in everyway and quite loving too. She's also a loud whining baby when she thinks she's alone and lost. But there is one behavior I am at a loss to stop. If you give her treats with your hand, she will grab it and growl. In the process she will scratch too. I think she feels that the other 4 rescued kittens, the dog or even I will take the treat away so she acts so aggressively. But I do not know why she is that way. I rescued her when she was a little over 2 weeks old. She was never lacking in food and TLC. Is it possible that such "mean" behavior started as early as the time when she had to fight her way to her mom's milk?
If I decide to put her up for adoption, such behavior will not get her a good home. Please help. Thanks!