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Vaccination-5 valent

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I wonder if anyone of you have any experiences with this 5-valent vaccination (leukemia, clamidia, panleukopenia,?,?)

What do you think?I don't if it is good idea for my cat.
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That's the Rhinotrachetis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia, and Feline Leukemia, right?

Those multi vaccines represent a huge assault on a kittens delicate immune system IMO. I would not use it due to the inclusion of leukemia, but then I am totally ignorant of what diseases are common in your country, as well as what vaccines you have available. What other choices do you have?

I only vaccinate against diseases that I believe my cats are at risk for. My cats are indoor kitties so I don't need leukemia, but this may not be the case where you are. Here in the USA most kittens only get a Rhinotrachetis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia combo, as mine did.

I would prefer single dose vaccines to the combos, but it depends on what your cats are at risk for, what is available, and how many trips to the vet you are willing to make. The combos are certainly convenient while doing it one disease at a time makes for many visits. And often we don't get much of a choice as the animal shelters rely heavily on the combos.
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My cats are indoor/outdoor and castrated, negative on leukemia. Here around are many cats from farms, that are not vaccinated. I vaccinated only one of my cats and he felt really bad 3 days. he didn't eat, it was impossible to tuch him, he was in apathy...

The vet said that cats usually do not have this problems and that at the time of vaccination his immune system was probably low.

I would like to know what are your experiences or maybe side effects, because i am not sure if i will ever again use this vaccine.
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