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Very Sad

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On our way home from Wal Mart today, there was a white kitten in the middle of the road. It's a main road and with a Wal Mart right there you can imagine how busy it is. It was wailing his legs in the air so you could tell he'd already been hit. So I had my fiance stop the car I wanted to take him to an emergency vet. He stopped and ran to get the cat, but he was to late. He came back without the kitten and was in tears. The kitty died while he was holding it. I just don't understand how we were the ONLY people that stopped. I wish people weren't so self involved.
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Why do people just dump animals in parking lots?!

I'm glad you had enough of a heart to go and try to save this kitty. I'm sure they're happily playing over the bridge now.
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Oh no!

Good on you for trying to save her! I can't believe no one else stopped!

It's so very sad that she died, but on the bright side.. she's out of pain now and she's in a place where humans won't treat her like garbage.

The nerve of some people... dumping a kitten like that
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Like I told my fiance at least she/he didn't die alone. If I didn't try to save the kitty, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.
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I'm appalled at the manner in which someone would knowingly hit a kitten or cat with their vehicle and carelessly drive on. How can they not give thought to what they've done, the life they've taken, the hearts they've broken.
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Could a mod please move this to Rainbow Bridge so that we might honor this little life properly?

Caliprincess, I'm so sorry that you and your partner had to go through this - but you did the right thing and you were there in the end.

Rest in peace little life, play happily in health at the bridge.
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RIP little white kitty
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Such a sad story, it is so sad what people do. Luckily for this little mite someone cared enough to stop and she didn't die alone. RIP little one.
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So sad. Poor 'lil guy. At least you guys tried to help him.

RIP baby.....
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