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The 4th is approaching keep your pets safe

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Some tips to help your cats and dogs make it through the holiday without to much stress.

1. Bring all cats and dogs inside

2. Try to keep the windows closed during the time the fireworks are going off.

3. Run the television loud, turn on a fan to high, turn on a radio, use other background noise to help detract from the noise outside.

4. Give your dog a place she can den in. If it is small and clastrophobic all the better for her to make her feel safe. My german shepherd tries to hide under the computer, so I open up the hall closet and put her blankets inside and let her go in there. She hates fireworks and guns.

5. Make sure that your cats if they are outdoors have breakaway collars on, or are microchipped in case they do spook and take off.

6. If you can distract your pet with toys or food.

everyone please just stay safe!
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Good ideas, Hissy!! My pets can't hear any fireworks where we are, except the few that we do here, and the cats don't mind a bit...course ours aren't very loud...but my dog Scruffy hates them! He hides under the car!
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Thanks Hissy for posting that. Sometimes it's hard to remember with all the holiday fun not to forget your pet might not find it as enjoyable.

Here's a few more tips from the MSPCA.

During the holiday celebrations, keep pets away from the fireworks and in a cool, quiet room. The room should have secure doors and windows-- some dogs will jump through screens to get away from the noise.

If pets are outside, they should be on a leash, have proper identification and should not be left with children or others who may not be able to control a frightened animal.

Clean up fireworks fragments after the celebration. Animals and young children may be injured from playing with or ingesting stray remnants.

NEVER leave pets in hot cars, even with windows partially rolled down. When going on errands, leave your pet at home.

If you see a pet in distress in a hot car, contact the nearest authorities immediately.

If you notice heat stress symptoms such as severe panting or in extreme cases, staggering, weakness and collapse, lower the animal's body temperature by hosing it down with cool water. Ice packs may be applied to the head and neck area. The animal should then receive prompt veterinary attention.

Pets should always have access to constant shade, properly ventilated shelter, and fresh water.

Exercise your pet in the early morning or evening hours when the temperature is lower. Start a pet's exercise program gradually and make sure they are in good health before starting the program.
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Found this old thread from last year...that time right around the corner! Keep those kitties safe!
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Excellent idea to resurrect this thread! They've started with the firecrackers here already, heard some going off tonight.
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My neighbor's brat has started in already. Echo is scared to death of them, so she hides whenever she hears them. This is my first 4th of July with Tiki, so I'm not sure how she'll react. She did freak for a sec or two yesterday when we had the windows open. She was napping peacefully in the window and she practically did a back flip when she heard them fire off. But, since she was out like a light it might be it just shocked her.
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Last year after the holiday, i got a heart wrenching email from a woman who had stored fireworks in her bedroom. While she was gone to work, her kitten got into the closet and started chewing the wrappings off of a roman candle. By the time the woman got home, her kitten was near death and she got her to the ER clinic just in time to watch her die.

BE CAREFUL with such toxic chemicals. Store them up high, or outside.

Personally? I hate fireworks-
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OMG! How tragic!
I don't like fireworks either MA. I don't mind watching them at a Firework show, but you won't ever catch me lighting one or even having them near me. I'd much rather be watching from a far!
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This is a great list! There are people already shooting them over here and so far I don't think Rocky and Fluffy have really noticed though...
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The cats are always in and Ike grew up around gunfire. Louds noises don't bother him. This will be Pearl's first 4th, though. When we go out, after dark, we put the dogs in, anyway.
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I dont know if you've ever seen clips of the big NYC July 4th fireworks display. They park barges on East River from around 20th street to 50th Street and shoot them off from there for 30 minutes. The 20th street barge is about 3 blocks due east of me, and all I can say is that it makes me appreciate what Londoners went through during the Blitz in WW2. Even with the windows closed and sealed (they are double paned, air tight windows, the sound is unbelievable! Everyone runs and hide for at least an hour after it starts.

Thnakfully, under Giuliani, the police really cracked down on illegal fireworks sales, so we dont hear cherry bombs going off for 4 days!
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Our wonderful German Shepherd dog hides in the shower the entire night, she is terrified of loud noises.

Awhile back when there was a robber here hiding under one of our horse trailers, and the cops were on our property brandishing their weapons, she hid in the shower and shook the entire time. No shots were even fired that night! I talked to a deputy that had a K-9 and he said she was reacting to all the adrenaline in the air that night, and some dogs just do that.
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Our next door neighbors got a visit from the police due to me calling them...they were out having bottle rocket wars, shooting them at each other and who knows where they were aimed at, but the police where there in a matter of 5 minutes after I called...I was very livid last night because of it!
In our area, it is illegal to shoot fireworks before the 4th of July in city limits especially.
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Thought I would bump this as Canada's fireworks night is tomorrow for Canada Day
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