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Sick little kitten & Vet Advice

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Hey there.

I think I have a sick kitten on my hands. My baby Loki is normally an energetic and mischevious rascal. I posted about him constantly trying to scratch and bite my limbs and head while I tried to sleep - that's the kind of kitten he is. A normal, hyper, trouble-making ball of curiosity.

Last night, I noticed that he seems to be different. The last two nights, he hasn't been waking me up in the middle of the night with claws. At first, I was happy 'cause I thought that he had learned to let me sleep. But last night, it struck me that he has been acting odd. He is sleeping all of the time. I mean, usually he sleeps through the afternoon and is bouncing off the walls through the night. Now, he curls up on my pillow at night, he curls up on my lap during the day. Today, he slept in my lap for four hours and let me pet him the entire time - while normally, he can only stand a few minutes of being petted. He won't play with his toys, any of them. He hasn't been eating very much of his kitten food - I bought him some wet food in case he was bored with the dry stuff, and he licked at it purring, but he won't eat it. I dunno if he is sick or he is depressed, but he is NOT acting like his normal self at all!

So needless to say, I'm worried about him. I know that he needs to go to the vet, because even if nothing is seriously wrong, something obviously isn't right either. That's where I need your help. I've never been to a vet's office before. I'm nineteen - I've never even had a pet before Loki. So how do I prepare for my first vet office trip? How much does it usually cost? Are they open on Saturdays? (It's Friday night, and I want to try to get him in ASAP, which means tomorrow). Do I have to bring in any samples of stool or do I just bring in Loki and have the vet examine him? I'm worried about the cost, but I've looked at the other threads and I've seen that payment plans are possible. So that's not my main concern right now. Loki is. I just want to make sure I do this vet thing right; I don't want to forget or mess anything up and have it take even longer to make him better again.

Blah. Please, send some good vibes my way!

Thank yoU!
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I thought I would answer since I have been there it seems 10 times this month!!!

I would call around and ask for prices just for the initial visit itself...

Like here, you can find one that is between 10-50 for the actual visit..
Then everything you do is extra, thats where the money comes in. It wouldnt hurt taking a stool sample if you can get a fresh one before you go..Kittens usually do have worms..But definitly take one if she?? has diahrea?..

My most recent kitten had an upper respiratory infection..Same symptoms as you described, but with wheezing and sneezing. So if anything I hope yours isnt that bad. Though no one can really tell but the vet of course. Anyways, back to the point. The antiobiotic cost me about 20, and eye oitment/drops about 20. I cant remember how much they wanted to run a test on the stools, maybe 10 then the medicine for worms was about 5-10. Everyone here is gonna tell you to do the vaccinations, and spaying, etc...
But if its just a sick appointment, handle that issue first, specially since you dont have other cats, you can always look into low cost vaccinations next week, etc.

I would say check the local shelters, and see if they can possibly take her. It is late fri night, so wake up early and get to the calling around. Most are open half a day tomorrow, if not she could get worse and have to go to an emergency vet on sunday, which is 3x's as much...

Usually my sick visits, as far as just getting antibiotics run me between 60-100

Just saw she was a he...sorry about that..what state are you in??
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I live in NW Ohio.
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An office call with a "regular" small animal vet is $32 around here. With my cat specialist it is $42.

I would get on the phone ASAP. Saturdays are an extremely busy day and you are going to have trouble getting in many offices a a new patient. But I think if you don't get in on Saturday you might be looking at an emergency visit on Sunday, so presss to be seen today.

Just take the cat and go- you need any records you have from her past veterinary history and that is all. A fresh stool sample (just put it in a baggie) is always nice but they can take one in office if you can't find anything fresh.

I know it is water under the bridge for you and Loki, but for others with new kittens/cats- there is a lot to be gained by choosing a veterinarian and having that first exam before you find yourself with a sick kitty. You need a veterinary relationship.
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I regret not asking more questions about how things worked and scheduling a first get to know you appt. When mine went in for his first exam and vaccines they didn't explain things very well and it turned out it was a drop off appt meaning I wasn't to stay for any of it. Afterwards I did talk to the vet...for one minute while he informed me I had a nice kitten and was lucky he didn't have a respiratory infection as nearly all the strays he'd seen did recently. Two appts later and I *still* haven't attended an appt and don't feel very settled about the place. I'd definitely establish a relationship right up front if I could turn back the clock.

Ironically the office I felt very good about was the emergency animal clinic--excellent care and communication and I would have no qualms about returning. I paid a pretty penny for it too...
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That does sound like an unusual way to run a vet practice . The vet practice I go to allows drop offs for people who have to work and can't be there for the actual appt but it's only as a convenience. They even have a pick-up truck to pick up people and their pet for an appointment. Of course there is an added charge for that service but that is something they just added in the last six monthes or so.
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How far NW do you live? I know a few low cost clinics in NE Ohio (where I live) But if you live all the way far west then that won't help. I can still help you look though. If you reply soon can get get back to you right now. Just tell me your city and zip code.
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Originally Posted by Pippen
I regret not asking more questions about how things worked and scheduling a first get to know you appt. When mine went in for his first exam and vaccines they didn't explain things very well and it turned out it was a drop off appt meaning I wasn't to stay for any of it.
I've been going to vets since the early 60's in three states and I never heard of this. I always stay with my animal and ask 300 questions.

I'm wondering how runawaywaltz's Loki is doing??
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Runawaywaltz, it sounds like you are doing ok - the level of attention you are putting into this is a good sign. For the future, it helps to have a vet that both you (and if possible) Loki trust - I would go so far as to say LOVE - so, try to build up a relationship through regular check ups, shots, etc.

I hope you are both doing better - please let us know how Loki is doing (and you too). Sending good vibes.
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