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New Kitten, Help Please

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Hi there.

This may or may not be an unusual story. I am currently living in Korea teaching English and I was on my way to school the other day when I saw a kitten in the garbage pile. I couldn't just leave her there so I brought her home, set her up with some water and a towel and went to school. When I got back, 4 hours later, she was hiding under the sink. Some people told me to put her back, but I just couldn't. I brought her to the vet and it was determined that people had raised her, not just a stray cat, and then abandoned her. So I brought her home, gave her a bath, dried her off gently. We seem to be slowly learning together, the litterbox is in use (Mostly) but she doesn't seem to be eating as much as she should. The Vet said she is two months old so she can have dry food, but I have been making it softer with water. I'm really worried about the eating thing. I think we are bonding as last night she slept on my head. We have some 4 am wake up sessions though, and she's gone to the bathroom on my bed a few times because she can't jump down because something is wrong with her leg. The vet says it isn't a bone problem, but a muscle problem, so I should watch her. She isn't really into playing with her toys yet. Though I have tried to entice her. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice? I could really use it. Thank you.

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I would give her soft food if you could- boiled chicken no spices, save the water and give it to her cold. I am not sure what food is available to you, but you need to get her to eat. Goat's milk if available and watered down a bit will work as well. Don't worry about playtime yet, it will come in time, she is just adjusting to this new experience your home.
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I have some canned food, what about that?
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Kitten canned food, or even adult food mixed with dry may entice her to eat. Also, stage 1 baby food with nothing in it but chicken could work too. You haven't had her long, so she's still adjusting. Give her time, and I'm sure she will be ok. Thank you for taking her in.

Oh, and I wanted to add I can't imagine a vet just saying "it's a muscle problem" with her having lack of full use of her leg. Maybe you could look for a second opinion from a more competent vet.
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He said if she doesn't seem to get better to bring her back. Unfortunately here in Korea it's a balance of trying to find the best and trying to find the best I can find who speaks enough english to interact with my vague Korean. But if it is still this way by Monday, I will get a second opinion.
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I can't relate, but I understand. I know you want what's best for her, otherwise you wouldn't have rescued her from the trash. I hope it works out well for you. Let us know of her progress, so we can offer you future advice if need be, and post pictures of your new little girl! Also, welcome to TCS.
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how about keeping her in 1 or 2 small rooms with a cat bed or pillow? Rater than letting her on your bed that way you know she is getting rest on her leg and it may heal, if she gets familiar with the same room and her bed in the same spot and her food and water somewhere near she should get used to her environment better and should come out of her shell.Let us know how you get on! Ive just 'found' a kitten myself so it would be good to hear how you go, see my other post...
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