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Introduction pics...how do you think its going?

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HI Guys-

So I picked up my little guy tonight. Okay so here is what I figured after reading all the intro advice, talking with the vet and breeder....I would let the cats dictate the pace for the intro and try not to drag it out for them. I was getting different advice from every angle! Thats what I get for over researching the topic

Upon coming home i set the carrier down on the floor and Sebastian immediately sniffed and did not hiss. He was genuinely interested in who was in there. I put the kitten in his room and let him be for awhile. Sebastian seemed not upset and still his laidback self as he was playing footsies with the kitten under the door. So i (probably against the better judgement of the experts on this site) opened the door and let them see each other.

So far there has been a lot of sniiffing, following around and occassional chasing But NO hissing or growling or violence between the two. They seem to watch each other a lot and meow a little but that is it. It has been about 2 hours.

I have been trying to take some pics and see what everyone else thought.

I know I am probably going to get yelled at for not doing the proper seperation but it did not seem necessary by the body language and the only room I could put the little one was very hot when I got home as well, I do not have AC in any room but my bedroom.

As for the health issue I have vet records from the breeder (he was just there) and I know the cattery is tested for all the specifics.

I am going to post some pics and tell me what you guys think...

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Your cats are beautiful. As far as the introduction... looks like they are doing ok to me. And as they say....
If it works... don't fix it!

Really... all the recommendations are just that... Recommendations!
There are really no hard and fast rules and not all cats need all the jockeying that some need.

I've had some come in with no problem and others not so smooth. It depends on the cats involved.
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My kitties thank you for the compliment Tru I have a soft spot for Persians but I get a lot of flack about it from family, friends and others. It makes me feel bad that i do not go to the shelters sometimes but don;t I have the right to choose my fur baby?

So far the intro still seems to be going fine...no fur flying but no cuddles yet either. I got out of the shower to them laying on the kitchen floor facing each other and looking relaxed. That is a good sign

The kitten wants to play and it keeps startling Sebastian though...but he does not seem scared or upset to me. Just curious about who is in his house.

Should I seperate them when I go to bed though? Or will that start the process all over again?
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Beautiful cats. I will be going through this soon myself. I will be bringing home Bandit. He is still too tiny, he looks like a hamster *g
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He is SOO cute!!! You must be excited!

All is going well still...both cats are using each others litter box and hanging out in the same room with out a care in the world it seems They are not hanging out together per say but it is going MUCH better than I had hoped. I think everything will be okay after months of introduction worries...
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Looks and sounds like all systems are a go.

I love the poofy little orange tail on the smaller one.
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There sure darling both of them, looks to me like they will be just fine
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Thanks guys! i thought I was gonna get yelled at for not seperating them...LOL

I am using a Feliway plug in...I wonder if that is helping to calm them down? Maybe it really is working

I think they are playing now?? there is some chasing and running but no hissing or noise at all...they seem to be playing, no one is getting hurt or looks mad.
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Ohhhh........I want those kitties!! They are too precious.
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Lovely cats. It looks like things are going fine. Persians have such a gentle nature.My one persian has always been fine with any of my Siameses that I have brought into the family the very first day.
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Updated picture of the intro...things still going well..Sebastian even shared his treats! Hopefully they will be sleeping together in no time....right now I have one asleep on the floor and one asleep on the table.

Too cute!

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