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Dirty Nails

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Hi all. I wanted to ask if anyone else noticed the same thing I did. I noticed around my kitty's nails there is some kind of dirt. Actually it looks like scabs, I clean it off often, but it usually comes back. It sort of seems as if he was bleeding and what I'm looking at is dry blood.
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The only thing that comes to mind is are you perhaps clipping her claws to close and getting into the quick where she bleeds? That is the only thing I can think of might be happening. I've never seen a cat bleed from that area except if God forbid they were just declawed or if the quick was cut.
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My Fred has dirty nails. It's not from clipping, because he seldom lets me do it. It cleans off easily, and doesn't have an odor. He doesn't go out any more. I can't figure it out.
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I am so scared of cutting too close that I hardly trim his nails, so I'm pretty sure it's not from cutting the quick. Krazy does it seem like a scab around the nail that what mine looks like. (sort of like a scab where the cuticle is)
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Idunbar & Krazy Kat

" Actually it looks like scabs, I clean it off often, but it usually comes back. It sort of seems as if he was bleeding and what I'm looking at is dry blood."

This sounds exactly like what my kitty has.

Is this the part of the nail that is normally under that sheath of skin? so when you unsheath the nail the bloody / scabby part is revealed?

If so, my kitty has this too. Right now, she is being treated for eosinophilic granuloma or pemphigus (not determined) and every week or so her skin rashes and nail bed scabs will flare up and I give her a half pill of prednisone. She is also on a low allergen diet and regular Advantage in case she is allergic to flea bites.

Pemphigus commonly shows up on the ears and nailbeds.

My kittys toes get sore. If your kitty's nails get sore or smell funny and are inflamed, it might be a good idea to take her to the vet.

Good luck
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The answer to your question is yes it is exacly that, but mine does not have any foul smell nor it gets swollen or sore. Huh I wonder what is the prednisone for and what does it do for that. I know that it is usually prescribed to asthmatics. Could this be some kind of skin sensitivity?
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If your kitty does not seem uncomfortable, I would simply mention this to the vet the next time you are in and have them take a look. If the skin around her toes is not sensitive I wouldn't think it's a situation that needs treatment.

My kitty had that dirty nail thing for several years before it developed into a problem. In previous years, the stuff was all dried up and it never bothered her. It's only been this year that her toes became sensitive and the skin looked moist and weepy and sometimes bloody. That's when the vet prescribed the low allergen food, prednisone, etc.

Both eosinophilic granuloma and pemphigus are inflammatory problems. The pemphigus is autoimmune and the other one is thought to be an allergic sensitivity problem. If you take steps now to reduce the possible allergens in kitty's environment (unscented litter, mild laundry soaps, Advantage etc), maybe it won't develop fully.
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