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Ok, so kitty sounds have been covered...

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What about reactive habits?

Ever since she was a tiny, tiny baby that would fit in one hand, Ivory has done the oddest thing.

If you scratch her between her shoulder blades, she will lick her front paws, every time.
If for some reason she cannot lick her paws, she will lick whatever she can reach.

Does anyone else have a cat with reactive habits, or is this just another cute quirk found only in the Rare Barking Enigma Cat?
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i'm not sure if this counts, becuase it's Wonton making a sound - but he ALWAYS makes the sound, so i guess that would fall under a reactive habit?

if he's sleeping, and i cough or make a loud noise, he always chatters in his sleep, every single time. and if you keep coughing, the chattering will get louder and more annoyed until he finally pops his eyes open to look at you as if to say "i'm sleeping, what are you DOING making all that racket?"
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I think that counts as a reactive habit.
Trouble does that too, but only if he's asleep and the parrots are being too loud.
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Reilly will for whatever reason lick and nip your chin when you scratch her rear right above her tail
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When Buddy is snuggling, he kneads, purrs and drools. Initially, I thought the drooling might be due to dental problems but, these are the only times that he does it.
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If I pet Kinah for a while, she'll start drooling... and if I keep on going, sometimes she'll start farting too That's when I know she's relaxed enough!
At other times, she'll get so excited aboug rubbing against my hand that she'll put her head down and let her whole body roll over her head as she's rubbing the top of her head against my hand... kind of like a summersault where she ends up on her back.
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If I scratch Pearl at the base of her tail, she will stretch her neck out, roll her eyes back and lick the air. Fred did the same thing, but only after he had a head injury.
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I doubt this counts, but when Molly feels that she has been groomed enough, particularly on her face and chin, she races to the food bowl to chow down.

Also, when she is really blissed out relaxed she sticks her tongue out.
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My cat is a nutso just like her mommie.

When you go potty, Zissou must sit in your lap, regardless of if she's ever met you before. Many people who visit find this a bit of an invasion of privacy. She also enjoys watching other things that make me glad she can't talk.

She must approve the mail. When you bring home any sort of papers (only new ones, old ones I guess she leaves alone) she rubs her face on them and if she "approves" she leaves them alone and if not she shreds them immediately.

She also must greet you at the door, and make out with your stanky feet. Honestly. I come home from work, and she does not want pet or to sit in my lap or fed or anything. She is waiting by the door and then she flops down on my feet and rubs all over them, sniffing like mad the whole while. Then she gets up and wanders off like nothing happened.

There's more, but you get the idea.
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Zissou, I just love you! You're such a sweet, zany thing.
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