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I am such a sucker!!!!!!

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My husband is going to kill me. But, I went to my step daughter's today. I told her about losing my Jonah. Her neighbor has a cat who had a litter 2 days after Tweek. And they are sooo much bigger than Jonah. But, anyways, her landlord is making her get rid of the kittens or take them to a pound. We don't have any no kill shelters nearby, and these babies are almost ready for weening. All but the runt. I got the runt . Because he was so much smaller, and he would die for sure. But, there is this baby who looks almost identical to Jonah. I took her too. She eats can food like a pro. She won't be any trouble I don't think. I just hope the runt makes it, and maybe I can find him a good home, or get him neutered and keep him as an outside cat. Why do I have such a weakness for kittens and cats? Like I said, my hubby is going to kill me deader than dead dead. lol
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Now see that is a person who cares for cats and kittens.That is good that you are taking in two of them.^_^ Who is getting the rest?
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we don't know yet, I am asking around for them. They are trying to push the landlord for just a little bit longer......I had my kittens homes before they were born, so I am hoping they will want a couple.
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only if I lived closer to you. Because i am looking for baby kittens to take in.
I hope you find home for them.
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Good luck. I hope they all find good homes. Your husband won't kill you. He will be surprised but if he gets mad just say your addiction to TCS made you do it
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He won't mind one, but both.....lol, he will be pulling in any minute now. oh by the way, Hello, I am Shalai and I am a TCS-Aholic
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