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How often?

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I was wondering how often cats need to get shots....thanks
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Depends on the shot... some are yearly, others can be every three years - that's after a kitten has had all its original shots
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Fter the kiteen series .. Many area s are requireing a booster 1 yr later and then every three years...

Talk with your vet ... Mine does the three yr protocal but quits shot s after age ten.. My younger one will not get any more shots as she had a bad reaction
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I give all the shots recommended for kittens up until they are old enough for adult shots and I don't do any other shots ever again. If I were to ever board any of the cats, I would probably have to update them but vacciantions last a lifetime pretty much and I really don't want to keep revaccinating them yearly. I have heard too many bad stories about over vaccinating cats, and bad reactions to the shots and even cats getting the disease from the shot, that the shot is supposed to be preventing! So no shots after a dose of adult shots. And follow the laws on rabies but I suggest getting the 3 year rabies shot.
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