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I could really use YOUR help!

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If you are in Central to Northern Utah or Northern Nevada, I could really use your help.

For the full story, please go to:


(It's a very long thread...)

I'm looking for someone that could possibly meet a lady somewhere inbetween Reno, NV and Wendover, Utah to pick up some rescued guinea pigs. Yes, I am serious. Then those same pigs need to be transported to me somewhere between Wendover, Utah and just about anywhere in Eastern Utah. (Salt Lake City, Vernal, Price, Green River, Roosevelt...)

I am the only guinea pig rescue in Western Colorado, (that I'm aware of, anyway), and all the California rescues are full. So full, in fact, that they can't even take in 6 more pigs that were scheduled to be euthanized. So I have agreed to take those 6 pigs, and in the process to make the trip worthwhile, we are bringing in at LEAST 26 (at last count, and the numbers are going up by the day!) and of those I am keeping 8 here. The rest are being re-distributed in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona by way of "Piggie Railroad".

The day we are planning this is July 5th. Briana will be leaving California at @ 2:00 pm with the pigs. So we'll need someone to meet her somewhere in between, the time depends on the place, I guess.

Please, if anyone can help, contact me. PLEASE, we are desperate. We will split the drive between the two of us (Briana and I) if we must, but that means I will have to be on the road for at least 16 hours straight, and I just don't know if I can do it. (Have you ever tried to get a hotel room with 26 guinea pigs in tow???)

Hissy, thank you SO much for your help. I know you're trying your hardest to find someone to help, too! You are an ANGEL!!!
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I wish I could help, but I don't live anywhere near there.

I hope you find help, and that the guinea pigs find good homes!!!

Keep us posted!!!
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I'm sorry I can't help and I don't know of anyone who can.

I remember a few years back this woman around here let 30 guinea pigs loose in the woods. What a disaster that was. That kept breeding and breeding so there was a huge population of them and the Coyote population went up. People were trapping them and gave some to the pet stores but most of them were wild and could not be adopted out.
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Thanks Debby! I know you would help if you could.

Jessica, that is just terrible!!! I just have to wonder sometimes if people bother to USE the brains God gave them?!?! Was that lady charged with anything? Like cruelty to animals? *sigh*

We're still looking for drivers. There's still only the 2 of us.
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Nah, She was never charged with anything. It was a case of they know who did it but couldn't actually prove anything. It's a hard case to prove since no one saw who let the guinea pigs go and no one confessed.
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Would love to help but I am at the other side of the country. Hope you'll find someone - all little ones deserve a second chnace.
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