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Would You Have a Deceased Pet Stuffed?

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Bf and I were just discussing this. I voted no, as it would feel very awkward to see your pet who was once bouncy and...well...alive frozen forever in a weird little pose.

He voted yes, as he thought it'd be cool to have a "sleeping" pet in the window.

What is your opinion on this?
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I say no, it's weird. However, I do have a lock of hair from all of my RB babies in a small scrapbook with a picture beside them.
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I don't think so, it would make me sad to see it everyday

Although I would like their ashes in an urn or something like that.
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No. Although I ahve to admit I still can't get my head round cremation for pets.
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that will be to sad.
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No way. It would freak me out way too much!

I've got my two cremated cats on my TV - Lolly and Garfield.
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That might creep me out a little.. knowing they're dead, but still seeing them somewhere in the house.. I do have my RB kitty Sassy's collar (still has a little fur stuck under the bell) in my room next to some of her pictures, though.
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No, I find it highly disrepectful to the animal, pet or not.
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No, I find it creepy. My brother is a hunter and has dead animals stuffed on his walls. I find it odd.
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Nope, creepiness.
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Never, it would creep me out
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maybe do the urine thing or the ashes.
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Definately not. I would have it cremated and set up a shrine where I would place the urn.
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whats the urine thing?

i don't think i'd get my pet stuffed..it would just seem wierd, i think. i'd want to go over and scratch behind his ears, and when i did, he wouldn't move or rub up against me, and well... i just don't think its for me.

when Wonton passes (hopefully not for a LONG time) i'll have him cremated and maybe sprinkle his ashes in the pacific ocean.
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I actually thought about having Oreo (RB) stuffed and buried with me if/when I pass.. But my mom talked me out of it and I creamated her instead. She is sitting in the top of my mom's closet waiting for when/if I do go she will be put in with me.. I have it in my will.... Talk about a crazy cat lady!
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No way. How could you stuff something you loved?? I think that would be soo disrespectful. I would also be too sad to look at every day. That would be an awful thing to do to your beloved pet.
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weird yes, I have mixed feelings....It would be sooooo hard to see them every day, and to let go. But, I have lost so many animals, and at times I wish I could see them again for the comfort and memories. We recently lost Cookie our pekingnese(aka my baby brother). We got him after my oldest daughter was born, and he was such a baby. I couldn't handle seeing him everyday. It would be like Church on Pet Cemetary....
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no way, i would perfer to remember my pet as being alive and playing.
as for the hunter thing, I have been hunting since i was 11 years old and i dont have one stuffed anything, and dont want
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Originally Posted by babyharley
I don't think so, it would make me sad to see it everyday

Although I would like their ashes in an urn or something like that.
same here.
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Would you have your mother or father stuffed? Your sister or brother? Your spouse? Your kids?

Probably not. You'd rather remember them active and quirky and interacting with others. For me, it's the same thing. My cats are my kids. I'd rather have lovely memories of them, than a stuffed thing that looks sort of like them.
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My bf keeps saying he wants to get Buddha stuffed when he goes, but I strongly vote NO on that one! Has anyone else read Alan Alda's book "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed"? His story alone is enough for me to never want to stuff any animal.
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Nope, too freaky for me as well.

At our shelter, when a pet is brought in for euthanization, the owner has the option to have it cremated, and it comes back in a really nice wooden box with a nice plaque on it, and a pretty little certificate.

that's what I'd do for a truly beloved pet.
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Eww... absolutely not. I could not bear to think of what they do to the animal before it is stuffed. God, thats just grosse

Smudgy, Izzy and Jasper are buried in our garden and they each have a little stone garden moggy on their graves. We have no plans on moving house so they will always be with us.

I also have Smudges collar and tag and a bit of Jaspers fur in a little tin which is right in front of me now. And of course loads of photos and video footage of all my fur babies, past and present.
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No for me, too. The examples I've seen (TV news programs) weren't very good and I am also reminded of an episode of "Mama's Family" where neighbor Iola had her cat stuffed.

We have spots in the back corners of our yard where beloved pets have been buried.
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No. I love the idea mentioned earlier of a small tuft of hair to scrapbook with a picture as a scrapbooker. I will cremate and put spread the ashes in the garden with a little stone marker. Hopefully I won't have to do this for a very long time.

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Originally Posted by gemlady
We have spots in the back corners of our yard where beloved pets have been buried.
We have done the same.

Just to hijack the thread a little, when our eldest Granddaughter was about six, she said that when I died she was going to have me stuffed and have my house as a Grandma museum
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All of my critters have been buried.........Yeah Iola Boilings cat on Mama's family what was his name ....Midnight, he was freeze dried. That was a funny episode!!!!It would freak me out too. It's a sweet gesture,but tooo sad.
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Absolutely not!!! I think it's creepy too, and I've heard that the bodies of cats are very difficult to work with and can end up being really misshapen.

When Midnight passed away almost five years ago, I had her privately cremated and her ashes rest in a place of honor on top of my computer desk along with her picture and a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem. I plan to do the same for Snowball when his time comes.
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No way.

Once creatures have shuffled off their mortal coil, they're free to play across the bridge. Their former body was just a vessel that served it's purpose and is now pretty much useless. Why stuff it? I would prefer being buried, when I die, in the dirt, with no box or anything, but that's illegal. Thankfully you can still pretty much do it with pets. Although, as a kid I found a former occupant of our houses' pet's skeleton in the yard once when I was digging, that was gross. And somebody's hamster in the heating ducts. So make sure to let new homeowners know your pets are out there.

Oh, and it would be too much like a hunting trophy. Shudder.
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Hrm, that's a definite No for me. I couldn't. I am just going to let myself believe Conner is going to live forever and not think about it, lol.
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