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hairball remedies

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PJ is having an amazing amount of hairballs lately. It's very very hot, and she's shedding a lot - and she's a very clean cat, so she's always licking and ingesting the hair. She's not interested in her hairball treats (and I've tried several), and she doesn't seem to care for the malt/gel hairball stuff that she can lick off my fingers.

When I had a long haired cat, I'd give her a little piece of butter to lick off my fingers and she loved it - and never had hairballs. Besides doing that with PJ, I don't know what else I can do for her. Cleaning up the hairballs isn't an issue, I just worry about her passing all that hair and having problems.

Any suggestions - besides regular hairball treats/remedies that are sold in most stores?

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Add a type of oil... I would recomend fish or salmon... Pumpkin I have heard helps... are they one harball food???
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I'm an idiot... I never considered trying a hairball food for her. What are some good ones that are out there? The only thing I've ever given was science diet hairball for my first (long haired) cat. PJ currently eats Wellness.
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Yes, you can try giving PJ some hairball food...sorry, but I can't think of any brand names right now. Also, since she's shedding so heavily, groom her thoroughly every day to keep her from injesting so much fur.
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Zoey uses Natural choice .....
Natural balence is good for hairballs
Royal canin has some good formulas
I beleive Innova has a hair ball formula
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