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WBCL (corn litter) = pests?

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Has anyone using World's Best Cat Litter (or the new Arm & Hammer corn based litter) had a problem with it attracting pests like gnats and/or pantry beetles? I have been sweeping up around the litter box and swept up some small black bugs and a small gnat like insect. They are not fleas.

The litterbox is near a window with a screen, and perhaps the bugs are getting in through there, but they do seem to be only near the litterbox. I don't want to start an infestation of grain beetles, ants or worse. Or have them near my cat's box.

I am going to write to the company to inquire if they have any suggestions or experience with this problem. I really love the litter for odor control and clumping - but I will immediately switch back to clay litter if I am attracting pests by using WBCL. Any experiences and advice out there?
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I use World's Best and have never had this problem.
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No beetles .. but the chn feed I use occationally a spider so i keep it inside in a closet
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I have been using WBCL for 2.5 years and have never experienced this problem. It's very possible the bugs (gnats) are getting through the screen and are attracted to either the litter or the waste.
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We didn't have an insect problem with WBCL.
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I haven't experienced this problem either from using WBCL.
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Great to hear that it isn't a problem for most users - I only saw one small bug and another winged bug and I freak out expecting an invasion. It is summer and we have been having bad thunderstorms so maybe the critters are just everywhere. What a relief.
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