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correct me if I'm wrong...

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My friend is getting two new kittens this friday (whoo hoo!), but I have a little question. They're just 5 weeks old, I thought kittens weren't generally supposed to be weaned and taken away before they were about 8 weeks old. what's up with that?
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until they are 12 weeks of age. Where are they coming from? It could be the place they are at right now is just so full up with kittens they need to make room. But 5 weeks is awfully young to be seperated from the mom. They should still be nursing on her and learning from her.
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I think they're coming from a private owner. She said that if she didn't take them, the guy was going to send them to a shelter. I think I'm going to talk to her and see if she can stand holding off until they're a little older.
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Where in Oregon are you? I am in the Willamette Valley. If the choice is to take them now or send them to a shelter, then most shelters are pretty full and can't take them.
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My kittens left home last week, aged 9 weeks. They are all reportedly doing very well, all were wormed, weaned, litter trained, and cat post trained before I allowed them to leave. I have kept one kitten, who still likes to suckle on Mum, but she doesnt like it, and pushes him away. Ideally Id have wanted to rehome them at 10-12 weeks, but Mum was getting very tired of them! They are all fine now though
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Neesey, I hope you have had mom spayed by now.
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She was spayed 11 days ago, and has her stiches removed tomorrow.
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Yippee!!!!!!!!! Way to go!

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And..........It was FREE!! Shes doing fine, and was up and about a day later. Shes also having her full set of vaccinations tomorrow, along with her baby Oscar (Thats not Free!!)

Here is my baby girl
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There is mischief in her face!
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Yeah - now all we need is a pic of Oscar!!!
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Born: 13.34 on 25th April 2002. He will be 10 weeks old this Thursday

Isnt he cute?

You can see him on this thread:

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OMG - he just toooooooo cute for words - my heart just melted!
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