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cats and dogs playing

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I adopted my first kitten about 3 weeks ago. I also have a dog at home. They play non stop. Stalking, chasing, "fighting over the bed" and my dog "face chews" while Oscar bats her on the head. It is so cute. Is this normal behavior? Will they continue to get along and play? It is interesting because my dog really doesn't care for too many dogs, but loves this kitten and is a big sissy around him.
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Our three dogs play with all of the cats. They sleep together and I have actually seen them checking out the ears on the dogs.

Normally it's the cats that quit first and leave for high ground.
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That is cute!! They are just playing. nothing to worry about.
that is what max does to charlie and Birdie.
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My dogs just adored my cats when they were kittens but now that they are adults there no fun anymore. Enjoy it while you can.
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"Normally it's the cats that quit first and leave for high ground"

Actually, my dog wants to reach higher ground . Oscar just continues to pounce on her when she is sleeping. She just sighs and moves.

Glad to hear this is normal. I have to say it is very entertaining
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Oh yes-all of my cats play with the the kittens. I love watching them all play.
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can we see pics?
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My Rowdy and Pearlie-mutt play like that. I have to supervise playtime, to keep my house from being wrecked.

As he's gotten older, Ike (my Dalmatian) prefers to just slobber on Rowdy.
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We'd love to see pictures!! They sound adorable!
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My cat Miki (8 months) plays with our Silkey all the time. Miki wrestles and of course Lacey puts Miki's entire face in her mouth but Miki doesn't seem to care. Neither get hurt and its cute to watch. I'd say it is normal.
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My cat Lynx has decided that our dog, Max, is the biggest, bestest toy around. Unfortunately for Max that is. Lynx stalks him, pounces on him, nips at his feet..... Poor Max will look at us like, what did you do to me? The sad thing is, Max really wants to be friends with Lynx. But when he isn't playing, Lynx completely ignores Max.
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I would love to post pictures but I am not sure how and my boyfriend is borrowing digital camera. I need to get it back because I am missing out on some great pictures. Oscar usually initiates play by pouncing. Sometimes my dog gives me the look, "mom, can we get some down time around here" I agree when Oscar decides to pounce on my at 5:00am!
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