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On the 8th, our stray (rescued a week before having kittens) had 6 kittens, one died suddenly less than a week after being born, and 4 of the 5 remaining kittens have completely opened their eyes, but one does not look even close to opening at all. Funny thing is, she is the biggest and "strongest" of the litter. I'm trying not to worry, as obviously one will be the last to open their eyes, but I am just wondering how long is too long? I have read 2 weeks is the norm.


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I don't remember the exact age, but I know I have had litters where one kittnes eyes open before the others. Or even kittens who have only one eye open. Keep reading the links at the top, I'm sure the info is there!

Congrats on the kittens! And condolences on losing one precious baby. There is a Rainbow Bridge forum you can post in if you wish, about the baby who passed.
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