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Isn't this true?

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Okay, I need you guys to tell me the truth (and prove something to my sister, who says I'm completely wrong...):

Doesn't putting a cat's face in it's urine or poop make it want to go on the floor more?

Here's why I ask:

My cat Shadow lives in my and my sisters room. Whenever it gets messy, she uses the bathroom on whatever is on the floor. Anyway, my sister found some kitty potty on some of her clothes, and now she says she's going to kill my cat. I told her that hitting her and putting her face in it won't work, it'll make her want to go more. Isn't that true?
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It won't make her t to go more but if you don't clean the spots very well to get the enzymes out then the odor will still be there and she will go there again becuase it still smells like her potty.
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I think I read it on here before, but now I can't find it to show her. So I need one of you to tell her (and me) the truth on the subject...
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When it's clean(clear floor) she always use her litter pan...
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They do it because if it's e.g. clothing, or anything at all that they can scratch at to try to cover their business afterward, they will use it. They don't know it's 'clothes' etc., just that it is soft and will move when they scratch at it.
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I hardly doubt putting the cats "nose" in her own pee or crap is going to make her do it more but it's just plain wrong.

Why is your cat "living" in your bedroom, anyway?
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No, putting the cat's face in the urine or poo won't make it go more...but it is not an appropriate intervention, and I find it rather cruel and unnecessary.
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Putting her face in it, yelling at her, hitting her, etc may actually make her so scared of you (or whoever does it) that she might start doing it more just because she's so stressed out about having to live with someone who is being abusive to her.

If you do not catch a cat in the act of doing something, you cannot punish them. I don't care if they burned your house down. Once it has been 10 seconds since they were doing it, they are never going to associate the punishment with what they did wrong. Thus, when your sister hits her or shoves her face in it, she has absolutely no clue it's because using the floor as a toilet is wrong, all she knows is your sister is being mean and hurting her.

Aside from that, hitting a cat is as wrong as hitting a child. I hope someone can get through to your sister that it is wrong to be mean to animals, but from your post it sounds like she may already be abusive to your cat and you're just afraid to say so outright.

You need to clean whatever it is that the cat has been peeing or pooing on with an enzymatic cleaner (it'll say specifically that it's for pet stains) and get a black light and go over everything looking for spots and clean those too. And if she only does it when dirty, keep your room clean. Are you keeping her litterbox clean too, or do you just clean that when you clean your room?
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Putting the kitties face in it WON'T stop her and it's just plain mean to do that. How would your sister like it if someone shoved her head in the toilet whenever it wasn't clean?
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