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Hello everyone, it's been a long time...

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Hi everyone! Sorry that I've been gone for a while. My pc crashed last summer and I have yet to have another. I'm at a friends house at the moment and just wanted to say hello.

I only see a few familiar names posting, but for those new ones, HI, I'm Chuck in Florida.

Hey, Anne, did that cat book ever get to you? When?

Well, Socrates & Tiger are calling. I just thought I'd pop in for a quick bit. As soon as I get back online at home (To quote a favorite film of mine) "I'll be back".
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CHUCK!!!!! OMG!!!! I thought you fell off the face of the earth!!!! I have missed you here!!!!

It is good to hear from you!!!!!!!!

How have you been????
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HOLY @&$%! The woodwork opens up! The cat book is still en route. I just had it last week.

So what is new and exciting in your neck of the woods? What IS your neck of the woods these days?
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It's good to see you again! The cat book is still in the stages of being sent around. It got caught up for about 6 months or so and things were at a stand still, but it's now in route!!

Hope you get a new PC soon so we can hear from you more often.
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OMG talk about the shadows opening up! How have you been? Did you ever get that screenplay off the ground?
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Oh, I've had some ups and downs. I was hired as DP (Director of Photography) on a $300 k movie in CT. You can go to www.treesthemovie.com and choose the ROOT OF ALL EVIL link to see pics of us making it. It starred Ron Palillo (Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter in his younger days).

The boys are fine. Socrates is still moody and Tiger's getting fatter by the day. The house where this pc I'm using is has 2 of my nephews (Cosmo & Echo, identical twin love ball male felines) and 2 of my nieces (Sasha who is near blind, but she loves Uncle Chuck and comes when she hears my voice and Gypsy who has taken a few days of mom being gone to warm up to me). See, I'm cat-sitting. When I go home (next door) my boys sniff at me every time and look at me with an expression that says "traitor".

I've also moved into a new place, kind of a suite section in this old historic district (where all the artists and druggees live) house. My landlady has 6 cats, 2 dogs, 3 birds and a huge igauna. So, when I go out of town I have built in sitters for the boys.

I finished a shorter versionof that screenplay I was working on and completed another feature length one as well. I'm doing a rewrite on both at the moment. Now, if I just new an agent who would represent me or a producer who might take an interest.

Well, that pretty much tells you what I've been up to for the past year. I'll come back when I can. Until I can afford getting another pc at home.
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CHUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!
It is very nice to see you here again! Just like Cheers.....everybody knows your name......I am glad you are still doing OK!
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LOL! Like Cheers. I love that, Deb M.
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Glad to hear everything is going well!!!

I went to the link you posted and checked it out!! That's a nice picture of you with the crew!!
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:Chuck ! Even old trolls come out from under the bridge when the water raises. . . . . I should know; here I am too. So glad to hear the boys and you are okay

Please, come back whenever you can. I intend to try and be around more frequently, also!

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Originally posted by threeleggedkat
I intend to try and be around more frequently, also!

Yeah, right!
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Welcome back! I am still here with my new feline Rascal. Although, he is not knew anymore. About nine months old!

Glad to see you back!
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Good to see you post! You used to be around when I first joined but disappeared shortly afterward!! Hey, did you leave cause of me??

Stick around, and join in all the fun around here!
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