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Almost There...!?

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Welll nothing is going on in our world yet. We are officially in the final days (if the vets guess was correct!) She has been doing licking and nibbling of her body (not her bottom) pretty much and sleeping. Food intake is normal.
She just is so ready for this to be over! Her tail twitch's and moves strongly when her kittens are moving! It's kind of funny to watch, it's like they are irritating her!!
Latest pic---sorry I LOVE to post pics!!!

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What a beautiful cow kitty! Love her markings...I myself wouldn't mind a moo-cat myself, but alas, have 3 cats already, and they are a handful!

Here's to a big healthy litter of baby calves, er, kitties!!!! Sounds like it's going to be any moment now!
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man is she living up to her markings! she is beautiful tho, cant wait for pics!!!
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She does look a little 'spread out' in the pic! We have no clue who the dad is, the possibiites are a black tuxedo type male, a fluffy black w/little white male or a fluffy orange male....and there may be more we don't know about!
But these are the 3 we have seen around. It's a possiblity also that her dad or a brother may have fathered these kittens as there are many feral cats around and she was one too!

She isn't showing ANY interest in her nesting box. She is just happy sleeping on a chair in the dining room. Not looking for anywhere else to have them either...
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You seem like I do. I Work from Home and we have a zero noise tolerance policy and I jsut keep saying I REALLY hope that she doesn't decide start when I'm working. She does look quite uncomfortable and reminds me of my baby. Hopefully they wont keep us waiting too long. I know it shouldn't be long now since I saw dried up blood on her!
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You saw some dry blood on your Kitty? Wow! Must be close now!

I try tol ook when she goes in the litter box but nothing yet. She is just laying around enjoying how anxious I am!

I have a very busy week this upcoming week so she will probably have them when I am not here.
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How are things going? Any new news yet?
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Well today was the day for me so just watch her well b/c I saw her "jump" or her stomach and I thought she had the hiccups. I didn't think much more about it and I continued my job. She just laid there next me quitely. When I finished the fourth hour of my shift I too my long break and noticed that she was going in e1's room like she was searching. I told my kids to close ALL the doors and my husband and I got her from under the bed. I figured at least she was going to go in the next couple of days, esp. since I hadn't seen a mucus plug yet, but saw the dried blood. LOL Boy was I wrong, my cat must think she is superwoman. I saw the mucus plug coming out and thought ooh wow a couple more days then. HMPH! Another 15 and the baby/sac was crowning out. I guess just as every mom is different every cat is too. So keep a close eye on your baby. You may not get the signs that every1 else sees lol
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She has pretty much been doing the same thing, though today she actually let me pet her...she is not a 'lovey' cat, at least not to me. She really has just been sleeping and waking to eat, maybe spend a few minutes looking out the window.....
Congrats to you who are now becoming 'kittie gandma's"....
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Thanks! I kept telling her that she had to take care of my grandkitties, and she did!
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