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Eye Opening

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My cat finally had her kittens Tuesday the 18th and after a really hard delivery she's doing great and so are the kittens. But looking at the biggest one I've noticed its already opened its eyes. Everything I read told me about two weeks go by before they do but it hasn't even been three full days, is it okay for the kitten to already have opened her eyes?
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Some will open faster than others, but unless you are seeing signs of goop or irritation, it should be fine. Just in case, here is a link to some information about goopy eyes - hope it helps:

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My kitten opened her eyes at 3 days old and the other 4 followed a day or two after. As long as their eyes seem clear its fine
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thanks for the link. The kitten's started to peak open the night she was born and now three others have followed and they turn 5 days old today. 2 have them completely open, one is still only half way open and the other one is trying. I didn't know if opening their eyes that early was normal or not.
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