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Daily Thread 07/21/06

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Goor Morning everyone

I'm on a little early this morn so I thought I'd start the daily..

I have a very busy weekend ahead of me..I get to go to a cottage tomorrow, and its for my friends husbands surprise birthday..There will be like all these people at the cottage already when he arrives and he doesn't know it It will be fun I think..I'll try not to drink to much

Well, it's Friday and that is always a good thing. Hopefully I can stay off TCS long enough today to get some wor done

Anyways, have a great day guys!!
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Good Morning everyone!!

I am working today on 3 hours of sleep!!

My husband and I stayed out until 1:30 am and I got up at 4:30am!!

But it was worth it, because Thursday through Sunday is our Church's Melkite Arabic/Lebanese Convention and we had sooo much fun last night.

We had a live Arabic Band and we danced all night until 1:00am in the morning!! Tonight and tomorrow night are two more dances and banquet dinners....I am having soo much fun, because people from around the country are here and we are having a blast!!

Oh yeah and we saw Leonard Skynard last night at like midnight!! He is here in town with 3 doors down staying at the same hotel that we are having the convention at!! We saw him walking through the lobby and we knew instantly that it was him!! And it was soo funny, he walked into the elevator with one of our priest...and Jason said "Leonard Skynard just got into the elevator with a priest!!"

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!
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evening everyone

Its 9.30pm Friday night here and I am having a glass of wine. I am so pleased its the weekend - what a crazy busy week. oh wait... all my weeks are crazy busy

My daughter fell down the stairs in our home this afternoon and now has a massive lump on her forehead I felt so awful. Its only 5 steps and all carpet and she has fallen down them before but this time she hit the bookcase at the bottom. She of course was a trooper and was laughing within 10 minutes. bless her.

I just love her more and more each day

tomorrow my parents are coming over in the afternoon to play with Jasmine and then I will cook a nice vegetarian lasagna for dinner

sunday.. hmmmm no idea, probably go to the office and work

have a great day everyone
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Oh no! Poor Jasmine! Hope her little lump goes away soon!!

Its Friday! That is a wonderful thing! I am ready for the weekend. Mom wants me to go yard saling with her tomorrow but i haven't decided if I am yet or not. I want to sleep in!!

Have a great Friday everyone! (And a great weekend)
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Good morning people!

It's only 8am and I can't believe I'm up yet. I had a horrible night last night... I woke up around midnight with a panic attack only to realize that we were having the worst thunderstorm I've seen in years. Normally I would have found the storm kind of fun (scary but fun) but with the panic attack, it was too much.

Took me hours to calm down and go back to sleep.

However, even if I was able to ignore the electric alarm clock, there's no way to ignore that little furry one. Kinah loves to wake me up by sniffing my face (and tickling me with her whiskers)

At least I have some yummy truffle cookies to snack on once in a while (those cookies are so insanely good... I have to force myself not to eat the whole bag at once... curse that grocery store for having them on sale!! )

I was hoping to go for a bike ride today but it's still raining right now. I guess I'll do some homework and go for a bike ride another day.

But for now I'll see if Kinah lets me get a little bit more sleep.
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Good morning everyone!!

Have a great time at the cottage this weekend Natalie!!, you deserve some time away.

and poor Jasmine!!, I hope your lump goes away soon!

My day is going to be filled with lots and lots of laundry. I was away for 4 days, and it was still waiting for me when I got home

I'm really looking forward to the weekend!! I'm having a get together with some of my friends tomorrow.

Have a great Friday everyone!!
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Good Morning Fellow Cat Ladies (and gents!)

I think today is going to be great. I just have a feeling... I got all of Jazzy's "cat's meow" birthday stuff this morning from the mail man. LG is now in love with the mail man as he has been bringing boxes everyday! And she has found that she loves playing with the packing paper even more than playing in the boxes! I finally got the turtle tank cleaned out last night (I had put it off for a few days), so LG is quite happy that she can monitor the turtle more clearly. Tonight I am making a chicken for dinner, and with the leftovers, chicken corn soup (my mothers recipe!). My Hubby's friend is in the hospital (having surgery this morning at 10:30am...please send healing vibes) with a shattered heel. He has to have pins put in his heel, he was fishing with some buddies and they decided to jump from the top of the cliff in to the quarry below.... usually the water is ~10ft.....2 days ago it was only 3ft deep. So now he'll be laid up for the next 6mos. Anyway, the chicken soup is for him. His mom passed away last year, and he has no one to baby him, so I've kinda taken him in under my wing.... he's also very appreciative & greatful.

Weekend plans everyone??? I will just be lounging by the pool....working on being bronze!!!

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!!!!
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