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happy endings never bore me glad you rescued a baby, and that Cheetor found a home too
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I'm glad Cheetor found a home. I'm sure he'll be very happy with you and well taken care of.
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So, the new baby is home. I was so tired once I finally got him here that I locked the two of us in my bedroom and we took a nap figuring I could do introductions once we woke up. Well he spent the whole nap curled up right under my neck sleeping like... well like a baby

I found out he and his brother were dumped at the shelter late at night in their lock box (like a cage they have outside so people will stop dumping them at the door and then the shelter people can't find them all in the morning) with a note attached to them telling about their vaccination history. I don't know how anyone could give this little boy up. What a love! I haven't adopted his brother yet, but I might. He can't leave the shelter for another week anyway since they don't let any animals leave until they'e been fixed and the vet is on vacation next week... so.. it's possible.

He's not scared of anything. He took on two overly hyper 80lb lab mixes and it didn't even phase him. He just let them sniff and lick him and just kept right on playing. I wouldn't be surprised if, in a few months, I found them all curled up together napping. Tryon is not so happy about the new addition, but then, Tryon is never really happy about anyone invading her space

Darrin (my bf) had decided on Silverbolt as a name. Then I mentioned that the new baby reminded me of PeeWee Herman - grey suit, white shoes, really skinny... and of course it stuck. So, now (and this is the last name if it kills me! ) He is PeeWee. Darrin has been dancing around the house humming "tequila" ever since and has plans to buy PeeWee a red bow tie for christmas to complete the PeeWee Herman look

Ok, off to the furpics forum to post pictures!
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