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My girls are hot!!.

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Were having a heatwave here in the UK, and although Rosie and Sophies room is lovely and cool they still insist on laying in the sunshine

Then Rosie saw sense and went back into their room to cool off.

But not Sophie, she loved it all the more

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Awww, bless them! Maybe you should get some chopping boards too?!

It's funny how some cats love sun bathing no matter how hot they are!! Tibby loves sprawling out in the sun of the kitchen (aka the sauna!)
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Such cute little overheated girls you have

For some reason, Abby also likes the sun when it is warm out.
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What cute photos!

I agree with Sarah - maybe you should get them some chopping boards!
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They gotta have their sunshine don't they! Adorable photos!
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LOL, awwww, look at my girls! Sophie doesn't seem to mind the long as she can show off that cute belly!!
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Feelin Hot Hot Hot!!!! such lovely girls you have Susan!
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So cute! I love the thread title ~ he he

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They look so pretty! I love Sophie's belly!
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Please. Sophie always lays like that! She's just a TART!
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She's like that now because it's so warm here still
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Sure. That must be the reason.

Sophie is hot all the time
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I can't help but think of the song "Don't ya wish your girlfriend was HOT like me?" When I see Rosie and Sophie laying like that!
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That is soooooooooo ccccccuuuuuuuttttttteeeeee
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Is Sophie doing the back-and-forth-roll-over-180-backslide in the last couple of photos? I am familiar with that move. Ripley has also mastered this.
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Aw, the poor girls are so hot! That Rosie's a smart girl, though...Sophie's apparently a bit of a martyr!
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Our Sophie is no hussy............ (Jerry was looking over my shoulder and saw the pic and said, Do all you TCSers pose like that!)
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I hope you told Jerry us mothers taught them well
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I hope you told Jerry us mothers taught them well
He wanted to see the thread where we're all posing like that!

He also said, like mother, like daughter! I smacked him!
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