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scared kitty

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Heyu(since she seems to not like the name trisha) has been for the most part very anti-social. When i first got her 8 months ago she was around 3 months old that someone just dropped off the APL., All brother and sisters that came in with her was taken she was the last one, and very tiny for her age(she still much smaller then what she should be) and she looked so lost and sad with just her eyes showing over the top of her litter box.

when i first got her home she would hide under the bed for almost 2 weeks before she started to come out. then would do the old something moved must go hide under the bed again thing,.i swear it was a month before she would stop running away and let me touch her. At that time i still staying with my father(trying to keep him company after the death of my mother) well, that took even longer before she would stop running and hiding from him. she finally stopped that, but she would always stay just out of reach if went to touch her. She does the same with my wife.

She is fine with me, follows me everywhere, always stays within a few feet of me i dont mind, this, but would like to see her not so scared or stand offish of other people, I have never had a kitty that was this scared of people before, i have had the cat that thought new people where something to play with, and the yea so what new people big deal types, but never one that was scared to death of new people,

anyway idea of how to help her? I am thinking she must have had a very bad 3 months before she came to live with me
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Sounds like she is pretty skittish. Our Mika is a bit like that. She was the runt of the litter and I know she was never mistreated so we can only assume her siblings were rough with her. It takes her a long time to warm up but when she does, she's very affectionate but only when she wants to be. For instance, she is our daughter's cat that came into our household when our daughter moved back home with us. She would hiss if John or I tried to pick her up. That was more than a year ago. Now when she is in the mood she will rub against my legs to be picked up quite often but if I walk toward her she runs away. I keep hoping that as she gets older she'll calm down and be more relaxed. She is very affectionate and close to our daughter and will come to her when she calls.
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When we first rescued our persian Straya, she was terrified of everything. She would even hold her tail tucked beneath her. I don't know how many months it took before she began to relax, but she did in time. At first she would hiss and growl like a wildcat. For a while I almost lost all hope for her. But little by little, she came around and is now this loving and gentle creature. It took a lot of time, patience and love. Hang in there, there is hope yet.
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We got our kitten 2 months ago from a rescue. Very active and friendly at first. Then she bonded with me (I'm off for the summer and around her the most), shutting out my husband and college kids.

She loves the laser light. Anytime, anywhere, as long as you will play with her. The family started playing it with her. Now she comes up to each of them, whether they have the laser light or not.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 4
She loves the laser light. Anytime, anywhere, as long as you will play with her. .
lol mine also just loves the laser light, she will even start looking around for it if someone makes a sound with there keychain once she even dropped it in my lap after i had not played with it for a few days cause it was dead. So i went out in themiddle of the night to get another
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