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I knew I shouldn't have read the Rainbow Bridge forum

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I just read the post from White Cat Lover about having to put kitties down from the shelter, and it jolted me back to Earth.

There's a sweet kitty at the shelter I volunteer at who's been there since January. When he first came in he was so scared of people, and hid at the back of his cage and would not come out in to the play area.

Gradually he got better over time, and was great in the play cage on his own. I bonded really well with him, and I would have a great time playing with him, and cuddling him. He wasn't a lap cat, but he loved rolling around next to me and getting head rubs, and would purr softly for me as well.

He didn't really bond with any other volunteers like he did with me. He would hide in the hidey holes of the scratching posts for other volunteers and refuse to come out. But as soon as he saw me, he would jump out immediately and meow very excitedly. Everyone would comment about how he was never like that for them. If I was doing an office shift, the other volunteers would get me to walk into the cat room so he would jump down and they could put him back into his cage

Unfortunately because he is still very shy, he snaps at people when they invade his space. One of his eyes is damaged, and I don't think he can see out of it, and I think if people come at him, even just to pat him from that side, it scares him.

He's now bitten two volunteers (the first one kinda deserved it...), and has been quarantined each time. This last time he hasn't come back to the cat room even though I know his quarantine time is up, and he's no longer in his quarantine cage out the back. He's also not on the adoption board.

It's been in the back of my mind that he may have gone nuts at someone who was cleaning his cage, and that may have been the "final straw" to euthanize him, or they just decided he was unadoptable, but I'm too scared to ask because I don't want to know.

But after reading WCL's post, I'm pretty sure this is what has happened. I volunteer for about 10 hours a week at the shelter, 5 of those hours being directly with the kitties, and have known this boy for 6 months now and become really attached to him because he's my special buddy!

I'm so upset that I never got to say good-bye to him, and he had to spend his last days in a small cage in quarantine with nobody able to pat him, play with him and give him cuddles. I got to visit him a couple of times, and each time he would come to the cage door and purr to me, and it broke my heart that I couldn't do anything more for him.

My poor boy I'm going to have to ask tomorrow just to put my mind at rest just in case they managed to place him into a rescue group...
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can you take him home? or know a friend that is willing to ?
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Oh that is so sad

Please let us know what happens.
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Originally Posted by sarahp
He's now bitten two volunteers (the first one kinda deserved it...)
What did she do to deserve it?. She didn't hit him did she?.

I'm going to move this little boy over to the bridge incase he has crossed it, but if you find out that he hasn't let me know and i'll bring him back out.

On a side note i wish more members would go into Crossing the Bridge to lend some support to grieving members
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Ohhhh I don't know if he's crossed yet which is why I didn't put it here Hopefully I'll know soon.

I certainly can't take him home at the moment! I would have like to adopt him, then find a good home for him myself, but he would be really scared of my kitty since she's very hyper and other cats scare him.

When he bit the first volunteer I stuck up for him and they said there was no way he was in danger of being euthanized since he'd made such good progress and seemed pretty happy at the shelter. So I thought it wasn't a big deal.

The first volunteer just didn't know cats very well, she has some major depression issues, so they kept her on since it helped her with the depression, but after this incident with the cat, they had to let her go because she just wasn't very good.

This cat was hiding in his box, and to get him out, she just yanked him by the scruff of the neck, and her hand was near his face. Of course he's going to bite! I went in just after the cat had been taken into quarantine, and she asked what cat should go in the play area, and said who I thought because he is a HUGE fat cat and needs the exercise! He was in a higher cage, but rather than get a foot stool to get him (she's quite short), she grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and just pulled him out of his cage, then realised she hadn't opened the play area door, so this massive cat was just hanging by the scruff of the neck still!!! He was obviously distressed and I just grabbed him, and gave him lots of cuddles, and lucky he's a laidback boy!

Then after she left, she hadn't put any other cats into the play area, when there was a bunch yowling in their cages to get out and play, and one of the cats headbutted his cage to rub against it when he saw me, and the cage door popped open!!!! Not only were the cage doors not locked like they were supposed to be, but this one wasn't even closed properly!!

I'd felt uncomfortable about her and the cats for a while, and I was SO mad by this stage. I told the staff what had happened, and they agreed that the cats happiness was more important, and fired a volunteer for the first time!

And now I feel that's what started it all, since that was only a couple of weeks before the most recent bite. I think he was unhappy being stuck in quarantine. Poor boy
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
On a side note i wish more members would go into Crossing the Bridge to lend some support to grieving members
You're right. I didn't want to read it, because I knew it would be heartbreaking, but these guys who lose their babies do need everyone's support.
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Well, he was euthanized.

He's been at the shelter for 6 months now, and has bitten 2 volunteers in the last month, and both bites have been serious - the last one ended up with a major infection, having to ice and elevate her arm, and she got on well with the kitty.

So, they can't put volunteers risk and they can't put the general public at risk RIP matey.
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I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

RIP Matey
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Sorry, his name is Inky - I just called him matey, cause he was my mate. I'm not feeling as upset as I thought I would actually. I think it's because I'd already prepared myself for it, and know how hard it's been to get people to even look at him, let alone adopt him. Poor boy

Here's the handsome Inkster.

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Inky was handsome.

There is a stray cat in my neighborhood that is also mean and I'm afraid to take him to the shelter because I know that they are going to put him down. He doesn't like anyone but me, and I have been taking care of him for the past four years. The good thing is that he stays in my yard all day. I don't bring him in because he doesn't get along with my cats.
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Poor Inky, such a lovely boy.

I suppose I should start coming in here more again - I used to, but occasionally I can't deal with it, brings back too many memories.
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Rest in peace Inky, no-one is caged or unwanted at the bridge.
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Originally Posted by Satai
Rest in peace Inky, no-one is caged or unwanted at the bridge.

RIP darling boy - I am so sorry
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RIP Inky
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Originally Posted by sarahp
Sorry, his name is Inky - I just called him matey, cause he was my mate. I'm not feeling as upset as I thought I would actually. I think it's because I'd already prepared myself for it, and know how hard it's been to get people to even look at him, let alone adopt him. Poor boy

Here's the handsome Inkster.

Oh, goodness, he looks so much like my Jasmine that I had to look to see if you lived nearby! Rest in peace dear Inky. You were loved by Sarah. You are carefree now, over the bridge.

Sorry for your loss, Sarahp. What a difficult job you have chosen! Thanks for helping the kitties!
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RIP Sweet Inky
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Bless his little heart You'll be loved forever over the bridge Inky by all your new playmates
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Awwww.. what a handsome little guy! I hope he finds peace at the RB where everyone is accepted and the hugs are endless
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Originally Posted by rosiemac

On a side note i wish more members would go into Crossing the Bridge to lend some support to grieving members
RIP Inky. He's in heaven now, where he can watch over all the other kitties!
Sarah is a very brave soul and a very strong, good, loving soul! Sarah, you have such a beautiful spirit, never feel bad or less than magnanimous in what you did -and do. I applaud anybody who comes into the Blue Room, as it's the hardest thing in the entire world - and I do mean that - to do. I am a prime example of that. I have lost 3 kitties in 3 years here, and it devastated me each time, and this was really the only place I found peace, strength, and solace. It's so very hard when the loss is not mine. It's an interlude of complete sadness and pain, although I try to see the goodness in it, I fail miserably. I will try to be better, as a TCS member for 3+ years now, I should.
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I'm so sorry about the loss of Inky. The way you described him made me think of Midnight, who was also an all black cat, and at first she was very scared of everyone except me. Midnight was a kitten who spent six months in a no kill shelter before I adopted her and gave her a wonderful life for 13 1/2 years.

At the end of this month, it will be exactly five years ago since Midnight crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, and she and Inky are playing very happily together there right now.
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Poor Inky - he was probably just frightened! Rest in peace! He looks just like my Loki.
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I'm so very sorry about Inky! What a handsome boy he was. . .
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That is just so very sad for Inky. He was just scared. He doesnt have to be scared now RIP sweet baby .....
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Im sorry to read what I read.. I had hoped it wouldn't turn out that way..and it is horrifying.. and Im sorry for you.

I wanted to add a suggestion..based on what I have done in the past.. working with the Camarillo pound, when I used to live up in the ventura co. area.

First off.. the pound isnt a place of residence for most pets.. many pounds here vary, but in Camarillo, if someone drops off their pets in a carrier hoping someone will "adopt them".. the people at that particular pound call those kittens or dogs "red tags" and they are "destroyed" immediately!! There is no waiting period! Just so people know this, and I know other animal shelters are different, but I learned this about the Camarillo pound myself.

What I used to do, is adopt rabbits from the pound, and sell them in the paper for a very low price. giving them away free is not a good idea as many people are cruel and want something for free to torture it or destroy it or feed it to another animal.

If you can't take the animal and temporarily house it, you can run a free ad, there are many papers that will print free ads for animals to good homes, and when you find an interested caller, they can either go to the pound themselves, or you can release the animal yourself and keep it with you until the person comes.

In our state, there are also bulletin boards in all the pet shops for animals. Many people don't think of animal shelters when it comes to finding a pet. Not all animals in shelters are skittish or scared, most aren't.. and its another way to find a home for a pet that will probably lose its life if too much time passes.

I have done this with rabbits very successfully and found homes for 28 rabbits in the past.. just so you know. I always screen the people on the phone, and have found wonderful people for the rabbits that I "sprang out of jail" from the animal shelter.

I have also done this with at least 30 kittens.

Placing ads and getting calls will at least find you one person with a compassionate heart who is willing to adopt an animal, even if he has some problems. Its better than having an animal put to death and its always worked for me.

Just wanted to pass this on.
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When you adopt a cat from the shelter, part of the agreement is that you will take it back there if for some reason you can't keep it.

The microchip is on record, and traced back to the shelter, so if one cat ever found it's way back and the owner was different to me, I would not be allowed to adopt again from them, and I would ruin the relationship and potentially do more harm then good.

Trust me, I have considered this option. I still mourn over Inky, he was just such a sweet boy, who did not deserve to die.
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