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Quik Question

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Alright quik one for you guys. My vet didnt seem to concerned when I called him today, but I just wanna get some more thoughts.

One of Lillys nipples feels a bit "big" perhaps it just has to much milk, its not hot to the touch, its not tender at all for her and shes nurseing the babies just fine. Shes a great attentive momma actually. The babies are doing well, they sleep alot of course, and when i pick them up they scream at me. LOUDLY, lol. but settle back in. So i do not think its affecting her nurseing.

The vet, didnt think it was Mastis (sp?) because there is no bruiseing, no heat and shes feeding them fine with no pain.

She isnt showing any signs of not feeling well either in fact shes feeling great swatted Little A a few times on the head today and laps up her wet food, and KMR like a champ.
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Squiggles felt like that a few times, And I know my own have after having a child. Maybe try to get the babies to nurse off of that one, if it isnt painful, to take some of the milk out , so that it isnt so full..

I agree with what he said, hot to the touch, and pain are first signs of infection
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she doesnt like me mucking with her nipples to much. not because they hurt cause they are her babies, she gives me poo poo looks. I have been encourageing the babies to nurse off that one more. so hopefully that will do the trick. not hot to the touch at all, and no pain. she would let me know if she was in pain.

And her sisters have been coaching her along..i think they are all feeding eachothers babies, lol despite my efforts to keep them all seperated they wanna go visit all the little ones, lol.
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My females back 2 nipples were usually much bigger then the rest - I think they were producing more milk. Is the one in question, one of the last 2?
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yes m'am its the very back one
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