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The Zoo

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My grandmother says we have a zoo. We have two cats, two lizards(soon to go away to a new home), a fish, and five dogs (including my mom's dog that stays with us for a few days out of the week.)

The Pups (only three of them)

This is Lacey. She likes to sit in the window and act like a guard.

Say "Hello" to the camera, Lacey!

This happens a lot. They are lap dogs, that's for sure. From left to right. Keltie, Haley, Lacey

The Kits

Miki wanted to know what I was holding. She's a curious girl.

Well, Miki doesn't like her harness.

Tyran likes the camera as well.

Tyran is so cute (and innocent) when she sleeps.

The Fish (only one right now.)

This is Jolly Rodger, Rodger for short. He's my red Crowntail Beta. His hobbies include resting at the bottom of the tank and trying to intimidate my cats.
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Your dogs are so adorable, that 3rd pic is so cute!
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Beautiful fur and fin family. Tyran is stricking! Rodger is beautiful, how long have you had him?
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I've only had Rodger for about a month-ish. I'm setting up a 10-gallon tank gradually with each paycheck and I'm going to be getting some new fish.
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So you're keeping or will be keeping your Betta in a 10g with other fish - am I understanding your post correctly? What fish were you thinking of?
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No, Rodger will stay in his own tank. I've heard you can keep beta's with other fish, but I'd rather not. Though I will be getting him a divider tank and get a little female. Males are aggressive towards females but not at breeding time. The divider will keep them both safe. The 10-gallon tank will have a few kinds of fish in it. Tropical fish. I just went out and bought a heater, and a bacteria suppliment. I'm just waiting for the heater to warm up the tank a bit then I will gradually add the new arrivals. I purchased two guppies (both males. I don't want an over population of guppies. I heard they breed like rabbits.) and an african marine frog. He's very small so he's perfect for the tank. Next month I will get a molly or two and an algae eater.
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