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Tear Duct

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Tizona is a petite small black cat about six years old who has always had a teary eye. Every once and a while I will wipe away a tear that has gathered. Most often, almost always, she looks completely normal. She looks that way now.

Just recently while touching her face, I felt a very small bump near her nose and beneath her eye. I have a hunch that perhaps her tear duct might be blocked. It might have been blocked for a while because it is very hard to notice unless you touch her face and specifically feel for it.

With her teary eye, I had taken her to vet a few years ago. He checked her over and gave Tizona a clean bill of health.

Before I take her to the vet, is there anything I can do in advance of the vet? And if I am correct in that something is wrong with her tear duct, what is the likely outcome?

Thank you.

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They can easily test for a blocked tear duct by placing a teeny amount of harmless dye in the eye to see whether it drains or spills out.
The remedy for blocked tear ducts is to open it up either surgically or with a good flush, but this often does not work for extreme Persian type faces where the duct is malformed.
Does your cat have a smished nose?

I have never seen a blocked duct cause a palpable lump, although I guess it is possible. Your vet will be able to help you there. Just remember to ask a lot of questions and don't leave until you understand everything thoroughly.
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