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ghost striping

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Could someone elaborate what exactly is 'ghost' striping? Does it only occur in Russian Blues? Can you tell they are 'ghost' without waiting for the cat to age"
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"ghost" tabby markings just mean that the tabby gene is present in the background, but the cat won't produce a tabby. Some colors show more of faint striping then others - blue is one color, red or cream is another. Sometimes in the right light you can see it on a black cat.

Ling has "ghost" tabby markings - she was born a blue tabby/white but by 3-4 months old changed to black/white (yet to figure that out). In the bright sunlite you can still see the striping of the blue tabby.

I read that almost all cats are tabbies to some extent - not sure if that really is true.

If a cat is truly a tabby the striping will be a lot darker and not fade away; otherwise you get the "ghost" striping. It should change to solid by the time the cat is full grown; like in the Russian Blues.
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thanks, i just noticed some spots on his side and tabby stripes on his hind legs and tail, but only in the right light. Renovia
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Then he has a spotted tabby background. All tabbys will have leg/tail stripes - the difference is what tabby pattern is on the body. You have 4 kinds - blotched/classic (bullseye on the sides), mackeral (vertical striping), spotted, or ticked (like an aby).
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