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Too much sneezing

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Hi everyone.

I have a new kitten in the house, her name is Dras' Leona. Leona came home about 2 weeks ago by my fiance. I have owned cats from 1 year old to about 4th grade. I love them, and know a lot about their care.

However, since all of my pets were when I was younger, I've never been the one to determine when there may be a vet problem. I've been owning and breeding exotic animals for 6 years now, but cats are a different story, and I find myself overwhelmed already.

Dras' Leona is a kitten, but since she was brought home from the local petstore, we don't know her exact age. She sneezes ALL the time. She didn't when she first came home, but after about a week I've noticed that every few minutes to half an hour, she will go into a sneezing fit.

Do cats have allergies that cause them to sneeze?? Cause the pollen is really bad right now and my fiance is sneezing up a storm as well. Is this something that will pass like seasonal allergies? Or do you think this might be really serious and we should hop to the vet??
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It's hard to judge from this distance

Unfortunately, in some areas of the world upper respiratory infections are extremely common. To make matter worse, the severity of them can run the gamut from a couple of sneezes to loss of appetite requiring hospitalization and tube feeding- every kitten is different. One of my cats had a very easy time of it, one had severe sinus congestion that required nebulizing twice a day, and one was hospitalized for over a week and truly almost died.

And we're not even sure that this is what is going on with your kitten. Only a veterinarian doing an up close exam can tell you what is going on. Pet shop conditions breed several diseases and it is impossible to tell long distance what is happening with your kitten.

Did you have her initial veterinary exam done? Every new pet needs a thorough going over when you first get them, and if you haven't done that yet then now is a really good time.
It is crucial that the kitten keep eating and drinking- watch really closely on this. Vomiting and diarrhea can dehydrate a baby kitten really quickly so if either of those begin to happen then a veterinarian is really necessary.
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