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Hello everyone

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I am new to the world of cats. I just adopted one from a co-worker. She is 7 weeks old and I have named her BooBoo. She is pure white like fresh fallen snow.
I am trying to adjust to having her in my home but am enjoying her very much.
She is very loving and playfull.
She hasn't learned about the litter box yet, she is just excited about the fact that she can jump and the litter goes all over the floor.
Is there a secret to litter box training?
Thanks and I look foreward to a long friendship with you all.
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Welcome! Yes, there is a secret to litterbox training. Patience. If you see BooBoo looking aroung like she might be about to potty, pick her up and put her in the box. Praise her lavishly when she uses the box. Most kittens pick up on it pretty easily. She is very young, so it may take her a little longer. Congratulations on our new addition. We would all love to see pics of her if you have some. I have a pretty little white kitty, too. Her name is Pearl.
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Gee, and I thought the secret was prayer. That's the one I've always used. Put him in the litter box and pray.

Actually, make sure the box isn't near the food and that it affords some privacy. Those are 2 tips I've always read. If you go over to the Behavior forum and look into the threads about people having litter box problems, many other suggestions are there.

Welcome russm, and good luck!
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I'm new to cats and The Cat Site, too, but everyone is so helpful, I'm sure you'll find knowledgeable suggestions. The new member of your family sounds beautiful. I live in an RV and a stray adopted me - she still wants to live outside though, so I haven't had the problem of litterbox training. Good Luck! :tounge2:
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Hello..welcome and HAPPY POSTING
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Hi, russm! I'm glad you found us. Your kitten sounds beautiful. When I litter train a kitten I take it to the litter box after it awakens from a nap, and hold its front paws and go through the scratching motion with them. Usually, they catch on pretty quickly. Cats are fastidious animals. Good luck!
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Being a new mum myself I have employed all of the above methods. When kitty is so young they need to go to the toilet all the time - just like a little baby (especially after eating). So, whenever you can think of it take her to the litter box and do the paw scratching in the litter and if you're lucky she'll go. If she does go, make a huge deal out of it with tonnes of praise like "What a clever little girl" and lots of pats. If she doesn't go, just try again later - she has to go eventually - I guess the most important thing is patience!

If she has an accident I've always grabbed kitty immediately and said "No" and taken to the litter tray to show that that's where all wee wees and poopies go! (if it was a poopie I'd pick it up and place it in the litter tray to demonstrate!). This has always worked for me.

Good luck! Let us know how you go.

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Thanks everyone for your help on the litter box training..... I caught her just as she started to squat and put her into the box and she, of course, played and then done her business. I ran the vacuum over the mess she made with the litter but it is better than cleaning up something else....:tounge2:
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Hi russm, welcome to the board.

The only other suggestion I can think of is to keep your little girl in a relatively small area for a few days... she'll have to pass the litterbox more often, and will remember where it is. When I first got Spike (he's my first cat), I didn't realize this, and he had the run of the house... well, I learned this the hard way that an 8 week old kitten that only has a few hours in the house just might not realize where his litterbox was located. Good luck with her! :tounge2:
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