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A Barrel O' Bettas!

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This is Jack Skellington, I rescued him from a dirty little Walmart cup. He's such a unique little dude, but right now he's battling a round of finrot.


Siru, one of my shortfin (Plakat) males. He was bought along with his brother and a sister. I thought that they were all females at the time, but SURPRISE!! He's a big stud.


Ophee, a teeny little female. She's such a little sweetie! She's way too small to fit in with the other females in the big tank so I keep her alone.


Oceanus, a loverly blue crowntail.



All in all I have about 24 bettas ... It's an addiction I tells ya!!
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Aww, they are so cute! Oceanus is very pretty, I love the color!
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Great group! It IS an addiction ... we call it the Betta whisper ... gets you every time.

How are you treating Jack's finrot?
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You have great Betta's!
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Do you keep them all in separate tanks? I thought that the male siamese fighters could not be kept together as they are aggresive.

Or do you use tank dividers, i am interested as we have 4 tanks of tropical fish but have never kept bettas.
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You absolutely MUST keep male Bettas seperate, you can use tank dividers but it is a high risk, imo, that they will eventually jump the divider - I see it happen all the time on my Betta forum.
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You have a Beta Forum. Oh and your Beta's are beautiful. I have a red male Crowntail myself, and plan on getting another beta, possibly three more.
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Well I am a moderator of three forums on the fish and frog forum http://p076.ezboard.com/bflippersnfins I moderate the Betta forum, Catfish forum, and Freshwater forum.
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I'm treating Jack with melafix, aquarium salt and good old heat. He's getting perkier, but he still needs alot of time. I have a range of tank sizes, my biggest being a 15 gallon where my females live, and then there are some half gallons which are temporary homes, and one gallons which are just easier to keep imo. I DO have a divided tank for Siru and his brother Paiawon, it's quite funny actually, one time I was looking at them and noticed that somehow they had switched sides. There was no damage done surprisingly, they were very well behaved and acted as if nothing had happened. This was before I'd glued the divider down ...

And thanks everybody for the comments, I checked out the forum Murfins, and I'm thinking of joining.

More pics soon.
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The best treatment for minor finrot, imo, is increased water changes. Melafix is helpful for regrowth but will not stop bacterial infection. Salt is actually not advisable with Bettas because they cannot filter it out of their kidneys.

When you say heat as a treatment - what kind of temperature? I've never heard of heat for fin rot - ich, yes because it speeds up the life cycle.
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